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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » [Locked] Old Improvements Thread (1.481)
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 Author [Locked] Old Improvements Thread (1.481)
Fleet Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: August 31, 2001
Posts: 939
From: Too Close for Comfort
Posted: 2004-02-17 18:48   
This is for improvement requests relating DIRECTLY to the current beta versions. Examples are improvements to the rudder system, build order, etc...




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In Another Place

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Joined: October 18, 2002
Posts: 359
From: The Lobby
Posted: 2004-02-17 19:49   
For this to be an "official" thread dont you have to be, well an official from Palestar?
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Joined: October 16, 2002
Posts: 897
Posted: 2004-02-17 20:04   
Vinco is staff, and that makes him a OFFICIAL representative.

Thank you

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Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2004-02-17 21:12   
#1: A big reduction in number of revolts (I think this is already being worked on?) along with a definite way to prevent them.

I'd also like to propose that the chance of revolt decreases as the tech level increases, so long as food stays equal to or greater than population (food shortage negates any benefit of tech level in regards to revolt chance)

#2: An UPGRADE button on structures, that will show each possible upgrade for that building and how many additional resources are required for them. The possible upgrades would be new buttons that appear after UPGRADE is clicked, so you can choose between defense base 2 or 3 for example.

I would recommend that resources already spent on the lower tech building be subtracted from the requirements for the higher tech building when upgrading. For example, defense base 1 requires 500 metals, defense base 2 requires 1500*, defense base 3 requires 4000*. If being built on an empty diamond that's what you need for each.

But if defense base 1 is already built, then clicking that defense base 1 and then UPGRADE would show two new buttons - defense base 2 and 3 - and each one of them would show 1000* and 3500* metals are needed respectively (1500 and 4000 minus the 500 already spent) along with any other resources needed including tech. If there's enough resources and tech for the upgrade you want, just click it and it starts building.

If it were a defense base 2 instead of 1, then the UPGRADE button would show a defense base 3 button and 2500 metals needed (4000-1500 already spent) . Same subtraction would occur for the other resources if applicable.

It would be similar to clicking a factory to get all those buttons for parts to be built, only you need to click UPGRADE after clicking the building for upgrading.

*actual resource requirements may be way off.

"My father taught me many things ... keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" -Michael Corleone

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Joined: September 14, 2001
Posts: 4604
From: Oregon, USA
Posted: 2004-02-17 22:42   
Yes, upgrade button is on the to do list, as some structures cannot have upgrades right now without it.

I think we decided to put it off of v1.481, so we don't wander down another squrriel trail, delaying this patch even further.
...and lo, He looked upon His creation, and said, "Fo shizzle."

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Axianda The Royal
Fleet Admiral
Terra Squadron

Joined: November 20, 2001
Posts: 4273
From: Axianda
Posted: 2004-02-18 06:42   

How about making J work in the starmap ....

/me dodges the incmming attacks from the admins..

seriously i like the new lvl1,2,3 buildings i just think we need a few more *dictor and supply could use some better versions*

- Axi


Joined: January 19, 2003
Posts: 544
From: New Jersey
Posted: 2004-02-18 11:34   
Well I was going to post, but everything I've had has been requested already.

1.) Upgrade button so you don't have to scrap and rebuild (also to keep resources for the building already built)
2.) LESS revolts, came into Beta MV today, and every built planet in Sol was neutral.
3.) Jump from F2 screen.
4.) Missions heh
5.) Solars have really no point now (high power, but planets rotate, they aren't worth building)

BTW, very nice job with the new buildings, less lag, and the new prices for sold items at starports. I'm very much liking what I'm seeing in each new update.

One last thing, eccm and ecm still affect kluth sigs. Is this going to change to a different system? If so, will it be in the 1.482 patch? That's all I have, keep up the good work.


The Bond of Brotherhood Shall Never Be Undone.....Nor Shall The Legacy of the Fleet Once Known as GTN
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Honor Is All


Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2004-02-18 11:43   
Aren't ecm and eccm supposed to affect kluth sig? I know they used to not but that was a long time ago.


Joined: Dec 28, 2001
Posts: 353
From: Cali
Posted: 2004-02-18 12:48   
In the news when a planet is invaded or attacked could the system the planet is in get tacked on somehow? Some of us are just to lazy to memorize were every planet in the MV is (me!)

Death is just the first step along an unknown path

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Joined: July 04, 2002
Posts: 143
From: U.S.A.
Posted: 2004-02-18 13:22   
I was wondering, would it be possible for a person to lock a planet at any level lower than thier rank. For instance a Fleet Admiral might choose to lock a planet at the captain level. This would allow a planet to be unlocked by anyone of sufficeint rank as determined by the person locking the planet. My reasoning for this is this; you just built a planet complete with starport and every nice little thing you need and someone who knows nothing about building planets messes it all up. But, hopefully you can trust anyone above a certain rank not to mess things up. So you lock the planet at that rank and anyone above that rank can make changes. If your a Fleet Admiral or above and you lock the planet with the current settings then no one below you can change anything and this could prove detrimental in other ways.

Besides it just makes sense that a higher ranking official should be able to decide at what level a planet should be goverened!

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Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 08, 2002
Posts: 2073
Posted: 2004-02-18 15:31   
There should be a mini-MV map or something to tell you what system you're in when spawning at shipyard, or looking at planets in the F3 screen, etc.

And have ships auto orbit or just be stationary when leaving shipyards. It's VERY annoying to slam a station full of inf into Luna or some cluster planet upon spawning.


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Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2004-02-18 17:31   
The new generators need a little more power.

Right now:
Fusion generator requires 1 worker, gives 30 power
Quantum generator requires 2 workers, gives 35 power
Variance generator requires 3 workers, gives 40 power

I haven't yet seen a case where upgrading quantum to variance makes any difference in what can be built on a planet since it's only +5 power and in order to gain a buildings advantage you need to build tons, and you never really need that amount of power.

I think increasing quantum to 40 power and variance to 50 may make the upgrades a little more worthwhile. Having 5 variance instead of 5 fusion is only +50 power (200 power vs 150, from 5 buildings), but it's also +10 workers (1 x 5 for fusion vs 3 x 5 for variance), which means you need at least 1 more dome and possibly another food building (depening on how the planet's built) to support that +50 power. That's now 6 buildings for the 200 power, possibly 7. That negates most of the bonus you might have gained from using the variance generators, as the main bonus of better generators is more power from less buildings (something solars used to do well).

I've been doing lots of engineering, and I conclude that the benefit of using variance over fusion just isn't very great. You might save 1 building spot, possibly 2, due to needing more population and thus more domes and food.


Joined: November 08, 2002
Posts: 639
From: Prancing in the meadows with Jesus
Posted: 2004-02-18 18:28   
Short and Sweet

If you go to the garage, and you have hydrogen, metals etc... you can select it and launch w/ it in your cargo (like normal) but... when you re-launch its still there, you can sell it, but...if you go back to your garage again, its there AGAIN!. I was able to re-sell it 4 times before it finally disappeared.


Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2004-02-18 18:44   
There was a change in power consumption and generators with the wormhole update. But it actually makes it HARDER to maintain planets now.

I went in after the update and my planets that I built as optimally as I could had worker shortages due to variance now needing 5 workers.

I'm asking that variance keep it's 50 power, but also keep it's 3 workers instead of 5. And quantum keep 40 power and 2 workers Cuz now it's harder than it was before to build a decently defended planet.

EDIT: oh and cortex nexus uses 12 power now instead of 8. Geez I have a royal mess on my hands in there now! Every planet has worker shortages and needs fixing.

"My father taught me many things ... keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" -Michael Corleone

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 21, 2002
Posts: 2001
From: Redmond,WA,USA
Posted: 2004-02-18 19:07   
Aye, sparkle, but you can probably just write off the food requirement and ship it in from somewhere else. Additionally, they're great generators for use on habitable planets that arn't shipyards.

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