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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » what's up with this neutrals - even my PDef ignores it
 Author what's up with this neutrals - even my PDef ignores it

Joined: November 04, 2001
Posts: 341
Posted: 2003-11-03 13:55   

well i discovered this neutral planet and since there were only 2 inf i might be able to cap inspite of defences so i jumped to it.
to my surprise i could jump instantly direct into orbit without doing it manually with adding 200 to the distance. the missiledef reacts furious of cause ----- but nothing hits me at all not even my point defence bother itself to shoot them down. (that missiles have a hard time to hit the enemy is nothing new but no hit at all - waited 10 min) ?).

some other issues:

i am missing the activating of jump in mapmode which is very important for combatvessel to catch a outwarping enemy.

the grafic is kinda weird, usually i am using 1600x1200x32 but even 1024x768x16 won't fix it. many objects are transparent at certain viewmode; the countdown aligning for jumps won't show up and the whole view is way to dark.

i guess it's the lagg which disables all planetactivities like dropping troops, building etc.

ill add more as they appear.


  Email peanutbutter
Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 08, 2002
Posts: 2073
Posted: 2003-11-03 16:11   
Yeah I was playing and I dropped inf on the planet and they diappeared... the PD won't shoot anything... also i PCMd the planet and nothing happened... what the heck?


Infantry Jettisoned...

[ This Message was edited by: Bobamelius on 2003-11-03 16:11 ]

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