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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » someone stole all my planets... wait, it was ME! (and some bug reports)
 Author someone stole all my planets... wait, it was ME! (and some bug reports)

Joined: October 03, 2002
Posts: 106
From: New Brighton, MN
Posted: 2003-10-31 11:54   
1) I've been engying up a storm lately in beta, and today I saw an extractor cruising around CD... I warned him "extracting = crash to desktop" and didn't get any response. I saw he was hanging around exathra, so I camera'd in on him, and just as another ship popped out of exathra, the screen froze. (I'm guessing he started extracting at that point and the whole server went down) I ended up getting dropped into the lobby, and filed an error report... no big surprises so far.

now the weird part.

when I logged back in, I chose to spawn at the shipyard near where I had been working, and all of the planets in the area were hostile! I couldn't select my ship or steer, but I could see it flying away from the planet, and the camera still seemed to follow it a little bit.

it was kind of like what happens when you go into a jumpgate in the current MV... but while coming out of it

I did still show up on the f2 screen, but the indicator wasn't where my ship actually was, and I couldn't select it.

other notes while I'm at it:
2) large planets can be too big for the build drones to reach all the way across... and since they rotate now (:)) your buildings tend to get out of range before everything is fully built.

3) similarly, infantry seems to have an effective detection range... we had enemy inf on a decent-sized planet for quite a while, just because the friendly inf never moved to attack, and niether did the invader. I suspect they were too far away to "see" each other. someone eventually dropped more friendlies near the little bugger and he was sacked.

4) planets with starports still tend to show up with "NO PORT" in the trade screen.

5) you can no longer buy metals at starports, and extracting = crashing... so somehow the ICC has ended up with a planet that actually CANNOT be built, because it has no core metals on it, and no starport.

All generalizations are false.

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[ This Message was edited by: pika on 2003-10-31 11:56 ]
All generalizations are false.
We are accepting new Initiates, check the fleet page for details.

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