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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Five minute play time
 Author Five minute play time
Chief Marshal

Joined: August 11, 2003
Posts: 166
From: Missoula Montana
Posted: 2003-10-28 23:55   
Im not sure wat has been change to the beta MV since last night but neoAnzu and xin and I can only play about five minutes before we are disconnected. That is all.
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DOM700 [-IMO-]
Fleet Admiral

Joined: July 26, 2001
Posts: 3175
From: Eckental, Germany, Sol-System
Posted: 2003-10-28 23:59   
well not 5 minutes here, but I can only play for maybe 20 mins and then get disconnected
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Joined: September 28, 2003
Posts: 1
From: Michigan
Posted: 2003-10-29 00:22   
I get disconnect every 1 to 15 minutes... Something needs to be done quickly.. I am tired of making long jumps to take new planets only to be disconnected before dropping troops...


Joined: October 16, 2002
Posts: 897
Posted: 2003-10-29 03:08   
There will be a change in the lines of a Beta update soon (talking a few days here) so it should be corrected then. We will see

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Joined: Dec 28, 2001
Posts: 353
From: Cali
Posted: 2003-10-30 16:53   
The disconnects are happening to me between 5-15 also, but something else I noticed when you rejoin you are out of sync with the server about half the time. Thats is another thing its alot harder to tell when your out of sync with the icons appearing before orbit.

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