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 Author A list of bugs so far encountered in the new beta MV
Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2003-10-27 17:32   
Unable to buy metals, heavy metals or any resource from planets. Can still get equipment though.

Equipped a command dread with mining beams and tried to mine earth for resources, game crashed whenever i clicked the buttons.

Planets turn 'invisible' near edge of screen and occasionally when directly infront of you, although you can still see the buildings and planet slots


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Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: April 30, 2002
Posts: 830
From: Land of Chocolate
Posted: 2003-10-27 18:41   
Whenever you turn the camera a certain way, EVERYTHING disappears. Planets and ships.
Captain of the StarCruiser
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Fleet Admiral

Joined: October 13, 2002
Posts: 320
From: Pittsburgh
Posted: 2003-10-27 19:14   
mineing beams make the game crash no matter if its on adread,engineer, or extractor
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Sopwith Camel
Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 07, 2002
Posts: 651
From: Toronto
Posted: 2003-10-27 19:25   

On 2003-10-27 18:41, Baikon The Spellchecker wrote:
Whenever you turn the camera a certain way, EVERYTHING disappears. Planets and ships.

That happened to me too, and i thought it was my graphics card problem. I have a screenie of it too... at first i thought it was my cloak, but then i realized that i was UGTO


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Fleet Commander, Galactic Navy


Joined: December 21, 2002
Posts: 429
From: Charlotte, NC
Posted: 2003-10-27 20:41   
Yep, I tried extracting twice with an extractor and the game locked up. One of those times I had to shut my box off since I couldn't get the frozen DS screen off with Esc, Alt-F4, or Ctrl-Alt-Del.



Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 5726
From: The Land of Taxation without Representation
Posted: 2003-10-27 20:54   
Magic cloaking human vessels!

Look, another!

Nifty trick, eh?


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Joined: December 21, 2002
Posts: 429
From: Charlotte, NC
Posted: 2003-10-27 22:18   
And magic cloaking human planets!!



Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2003-10-27 23:54   
Hmm interesting new Kluth tech...

planetary cloak.

Starrest {SNM} {C?}

Joined: August 27, 2001
Posts: 119
Posted: 2003-11-06 04:19   
Might as well put these bugs in this thread.

1) When targeting a jump coordinate in F3 (overview map) and then exiting to regular screen for the jump, I will find my set jump point changed. As far as I can tell, I end up jumping in the opposite direction most of the time, and its usually a jump in excess of 90 secs (regardless of the distance to origional jump location).

2) Planets with both Kluth and Human barracks cannot seem to decide on which icon to use for queing up inf to train. They seem to be alteranting from human to kluth and back at least twice a sec.

Now, I don't know if these are due to lag, but I thought I would mention them.

-edit- Just reread my post and realized I had per min, instead of per sec. Fixed now

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Joined: May 24, 2003
Posts: 608
From: Canada
Posted: 2003-11-06 11:35   
Got 1 new:

Getting kicked from server because theres energy entity around me(they are not doing annyting.)
-1st Rear Admiral Ceridan

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Koffi Khan

Joined: September 13, 2003
Posts: 18
Posted: 2003-11-08 11:13   
1. my ship shakes really like jumps around
2. mirv bombs have a big delay from when i shoot them and they dont hit.
3. can't unload any of my infantry....just doesnt unload
4. when i went to get another ship i found all the ships i had before had tripled. (i had a bomber scout....now three of them etc....)
after this i could not choose a ship and get back into the game just didnt like me

there are just some i noticed plus most of the ones mentioned above
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Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 08, 2002
Posts: 2073
Posted: 2003-11-08 12:45   
And the inf orders hotkeys don't work.


Infantry Jettisoned...

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 21, 2002
Posts: 2001
From: Redmond,WA,USA
Posted: 2003-11-08 13:29   
Ummm...AFAIK...many of these bugs are fixed in the latest version... the one F's still workng on....it's not out yet. There's not a great deal of point in testing it right now.

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Mersenne Twister
Fleet Admiral

Joined: May 11, 2003
Posts: 1161
From: Sector C Test Labs and Contol Facilities
Posted: 2003-11-08 15:50   

ship and planet based, really ought to be enabled, not every ship is as manuverable as a scout, and even then theres a point when theres just too many projectiles to avoid

mirvs are a pain in teh ascii to get to a target (whats the optimal distance to lead bombs anyway?)
ditto with bio bombs, and either kluths should have a ship with a heavy bomb slot in the cruiser/dread class or they need something to damage planetary targets (Io situtation)
pcms, they dont make em like they used to i guess, pudding cruise missiles would be more effective than the pcms ive been firing of late

planets and roids-
too easy to get killed by these things
just lost a tranny with a active shield to fale in bernards trying to get to a depot, not flying any closer to planets than i would in 1.480 yet all of a sudden that leathal distance is out much farther

beta as a whole-
feels less responsive then 1.480, especially in the barracks/tech research dept. trying to que up a load of inf takes quite a bit longer to show the inf as being queued and the number showing # of inf on planet doesnt update as fast either. same deal for queing research

loading troops is also problematic, getting a inf on your boat is pretty hit or miss, and assuming you actually snag one or two it takes a while for them to show up in cargo and that once their drop pods reach your ship
its pretty annoying to press the load button 500 times and jump out to the target planet with only a 3 or 4 greenies on board


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-Fire Ghost-
Vice Admiral

Joined: September 01, 2002
Posts: 64
From: Madison, Wisconsin
Posted: 2003-11-09 13:40   
I get stuck in the shipyards alot so I have to log off and restart play....

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