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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » I used the shipyard, and the server reset again.
 Author I used the shipyard, and the server reset again.

Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2003-09-09 14:26   
Please check the shipyard coding, something's messing up.

I clicked CHANGE SHIP yet again, and the server reset to Luyten, Darkspace crashed and I got an unknown Darkspace error.

This is not coincidence. It's been happening a lot with scneario. It's like spinning a roulette wheel when you click the shipyard. Will it reset? Will Darkspace crash?

I originally thought that the shipyard problem was just on my end, until I noticed that upon my return each and every time, the server had reset back to Luyten and kicked everyone off. So it's not on my end it's just causing the unknown error.

I've sent in the error reports like it requests. I'll go send in this latest one and copy this reply to it.

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