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 Author Ship Tiers and You
Grand Admiral

Joined: August 25, 2006
Posts: 589
Posted: 2013-03-27 17:35   

On 2013-03-27 13:15, DiepLuc wrote:
Set the minimum range of jump will affect all ships. There are transport, supply, station, engineer that also need short jump.

i fail to see how transport needs short jumps, its purpose is to transport infantry from planet to planet, in other words if its not droping inf soemwhere, then it shouldn't be there, drop and jump out comletly, no short range there Same for Engineer. shoudl stay at planet or jumpf ar out not to get hit

supply are just there to support ships, if they get hit, there either dead by the time they can react, or They jump out. makign a short jump there only ask for another small ship to finish it off.

Station doesn't need Short jump anymore dreads do. Every single Station poitn jumps on ships anyway, and thats what were trying to stop


On 2013-03-27 13:15, DiepLuc wrote:

If the minimum is set, the killboard will rarely list destroyer nor cruiser. It could take hunting enjoyment out of the game. Clearly, it is not a good solution.

Because Seeing kluth_Dread2 Killing only small ships is soo much better
in fact its true Dessy and cruiser are rarly gonna die a t first, but your bound to see mroe dread death by them, and thus people will start dropping the dreads a bit and use cruisers and dessy's instead. and then were gonna start seeing normal kills

19:33:51 [ZION]GothThug {C?}: \"Zero..you are DS's hero\"

Sir Diablos {C?}
Grand Admiral

Joined: May 03, 2003
Posts: 36
From: Scotland
Posted: 2013-04-13 05:16   
Some pretty neato changes, now...if only the game was scenario based with 3 hour map rotations and no shipyards like the old days, the battles would be 100% more fun and faster, prestige gain would be faster, no boring ass flying through boring systems bombing boring planets jumping through boring jumpgates....ugh, meta-verse is why i don't play this game anymore. The thrill of a map change, capping resource rich planets before the other do and building them up to the point where you can build dradnaughts on them and trying to attack the other factions main planets in the map with huge fights and awesome fun times is where darkspace really shined for me. seeing the station orbiting their planet, healing allies and shooting foes, the big target for the dreads on your team, watchign all the support ships underneath it blow up from the stations explosion, gettin 3 to 4 people at a time, then mopping up the rest, major awesome sauce. sorry to have seen that gameplay given the heave ho and kicked out. the scenario servers in the current game could be just as fun if you could just change the ruleset of the server and remove shipyards and the high resource cost of bigger ships.
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