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Forum Index » » General Support » » Crash invof Agincourt Carrier.
 Author Crash invof Agincourt Carrier.

Joined: September 11, 2017
Posts: 6
From: 2 has got the lead on the left
Posted: 2017-11-15 02:05   
TL;DR: Probably need shader model 2.0 to draw the Agincourt and this toaster can't handle it.


This is probably due to hardware I stole from the Smithsonian, but for some reason, my client crashes every time an Agincourt shows up. It's the only model that causes the crash.

To make it easier, all I need to know is what sort of shader model (e.g. shaders 2.0 as per the manual) is referenced for the Agincourt, and what is the earliest version of .NET framework needed?

System Specs. (I know. An abacus is more powerful):
WinXP, SP3 [No fancy bears were found as of 13 Nov. 2017]
P4 2.5x GHz [32-bit fire hazard]
nVIDIA MX 4000 [What I suspect is the problem] 128 MB - Shaders? What's that?/s

My guess is that the Agincourt is the most recent addition and was created using a more modern software, which is why my space heater can't draw it. It's not much of a problem since fighters are just to ensure you have your PD on, and only the odd AI is in one.

In case none of that is the problem, I'll dig up a dump file later.

EDIT: Changed formatting. Corrected units for RAM.
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We, who have done without for so long, are now overqualified to do everything with absolutely nothing.


Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1736
Posted: 2017-11-15 10:03   
DarkSpace requires Shader Model 3.0 (DX9.0c) as per the link in your post. In the client.log file generated in the GameCQ\\.Cache\\DarkSpace directory you'll find a few lines that are important and will inform you of where you're falling short. A normal installation with full support will look like this somewhere near the top:

09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | DisplayDeviceD3D created!
09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | DisplayDeviceD3D::enumerateTextures, 9 valid texture formats found!
09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | MaxAnisotropy : 16
09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | Pixel Shader : 3.0
09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | Vertex Shader : 3.0
09/05/17 00:54:14 | DBGH | TRACE | Shader 'Shaders/Default.fx' loaded.
09/05/17 00:54:15 | DBGH | TRACE | DisplayDeviceD3D::allocateDVB, vertexType = 2

Even if the hardware is capable of more, it will not declare higher than 3.0. You can disable shaders in-game via the settings menu, but as far as I'm aware there's nothing special with the Agincourt that would require extra hardware support. The Agincourt is one of the older of the newer spec'd models, so if others aren't doing it, then I'm not sure where the problem would lie.

[edit] And after having a look at the MX4000 spec's, it only supports up to Shader Model 1.4. You might be able to emulated higher support on software depending on the strength of your CPU (although given that it's an XP box with a MX 4000, I'll take a guess as to it isn't). As I said above, disabling shaders in-game should fix the problem if it is an issue with SM support.
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Joined: September 11, 2017
Posts: 6
From: 2 has got the lead on the left
Posted: 2017-11-15 14:24   
Thank you very much for your response. The tech data provided is much appreciated.

After I reviewed the dump files with the benefit of sleep, apparently I had a null reference problem (corrupted .dll). I've re-installed and I now see the Agincourt with no further issuses.

Thank you for your help.
We, who have done without for so long, are now overqualified to do everything with absolutely nothing.

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