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Forum Index » » English (General) » » Lobby down for anyone else?
 Author Lobby down for anyone else?
Galactic Navy

Joined: November 21, 2001
Posts: 1129
From: Bandcamp
Posted: 2016-11-05 23:51   
I cannot seem to log into the lobby.

I had thought it might be hanging on an update, or due to having the auto login set true; so I edited the config.ini file to no avail.

It launches, windows asks me if I'll allow the program to run, I select yes, and it appears in the taskbar, and then starts blinking as if it needs permission for something else. Right click on it, and click the program results in me being prompted to allow it to run, again. Answering yes makes it repeat this process again.

Since I've been away for years, this may be a glitch that I'm unaware of. Anyone?

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Galactic Navy

Joined: November 21, 2001
Posts: 1129
From: Bandcamp
Posted: 2016-11-05 23:53   
Side note, rebooting does nothing. I'll check back on this thread tomorrow.

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Grand Admiral

Joined: July 15, 2007
Posts: 25
From: Victoria, Australia
Posted: 2016-11-06 01:30   
Up for me

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