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6 Technical Database: K'luth Fighters [IC]

Rim border Scouts transmit back first pictures of new K'Luth Fighter Craft...

Earth, Sol System (GNN) - The United Galactic Trade Organization government has recently released to the general public pictures taken by a recent deep probe mission to the Groombridge 34 system which shows the K'luth testing several new small fighter class craft.

In the news briefing earlier Captain Richard Forman of UTGO Inteligenence stated, "Several weeks ago we sent several deep reconnaissance probes into K’luth occupied space. Late last week we received telemetry and imagery back from one of the probes sent into the Groombridge 34 system. We lost contact shortly there after receiving the initial data…”

Government Agencies decided to release this information to the public in an effort to warn transport pilots and those living on the fringe systems of possible new threats to their safety.
6.1 Larvae
“As you can see here from this first image…”

“The base K’luth Larva fighter remains largely unchanged, though scans indicate a denser hull. There appears to be a change in the weapon load out though at this time we can not confirm that analysis.”
6.2 Wasp
“Looking at image two…”

“We see here the hull plating has been stretched and the anterior plating holds obtrusive weapons load out ports that we can only assume to be bomb pylons of some sort. The military has named this new unit the Wasp bomber. Additional information is still lacking at this time as to the units abilities.”
6.3 Stinger

“This last image was missed during the initial review of the telemetry data from the probes. Its smaller and faster than the other vessels, it appears to be coated with a sensor absorbing material that makes it hard to detect until the unit is in close proximity to the sensor ship. Its believed it was one of these craft is what destroyed our probe. Considering its flight vector and speed, we can only surmise this to be some sort of fighter-to-fighter interceptor craft. We have designated this new contact as: Stinger .”

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