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2.74 September 23, 2268 - ICC and UGTO espionage attempts against K'luth fail
September 23, 2268: Up until about August, the ICC and UGTO enjoyed incredible success with their espionage activities against the K’Luth. It becomes obvious that the K’Luth have absolutely no experience in espionage and spying. This seems to stem from their inability to keep secrets from each other. Because of this peculiarity in the physiology, their society never developed the concept of secrecy and the things that come with it. However, near the beginning of August the success of intelligence against the K’Luth beings to dry up. On this day in September, the reason for the increasing difficulty in espionage is discovered. The K’Luth fully realize that they lack the capacity to truly understand espionage. While they are certain they could develop this capacity in time, they also feel that they do not have much time to spare before their enemy tracks them down. Being clever beings, they see that Humanity has a keen mastery of the concepts of secrecy and espionage. They also easily discern that there are many Humans who value things such as precious metals, comfort, and the promise of potential genetic tailoring. So, the K’Luth form an espionage division, run almost entirely by Humans whom they have employed. This makes the ICC and UGTO espionage strong in one aspect, as they can infiltrate this organization easier than a K’Luth run organization, but it also puts the ICC and UGTO in a precarious position, as these Human defectors can infiltrate the ICC and UGTO easier than a K’Luth could. Additionally, several of the defectors were members in some part of the UGTO or ICC intelligence communities, lured by the promise of genetic enhancement. While currently the K’Luth cannot modify genetics based on any ecosystem that is foreign to their home world, they are applying a very large number of resources towards this end. Of particular interest to the K’Luth seems to be the ability to modify Human genetics.

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