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2.73 March 7, 2268 - K'luth establishes official contact with ICC and UGTO
March 7, 2268: An ambassador from a government known as the K’Luth Tribal Council appears. Named Shall’kar Yin’Gadark, he begins to approach individual worlds in the ICC and corporations in the UGTO seeking diplomatic relations. It is apparent that the K’Luth recognize humanity to be made up of smaller semi-independent groups rather than two major governments. This begins to cause power bases in the ICC and UGTO to start to decentralize, as smaller groups within these governments begin to negotiate independent treaties with the K’Luth and with each other. Shall’kar Yin’Gadark identifies the purpose of the K’Luth in human space to be an attempt to set up a refugee base. He claims that the initial attacks were accidents, due to the K’Luth confusing us with an enemy they identify as Kraddax. This unknown enemy is still under investigation, but as a testament to their strength the information we have uncovered indicates that this race has taken over the K’Luth home world of Keja. The only other place this name appears in K’Luth society is in reference to a mythological hundred-headed guardian of their underworld. The ambassador also indicates that any treaties with the tribe he represents do not apply to any other K’Luth tribes. He also indicates that there are many K’Luth tribes that feel that conquering all of Humanity would be in the best interests for both our races. Both the ICC and UGTO being extensive espionage probing into space claimed by the K’Luth Tribal Council.

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