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2.4 2066 CE
2066 CE: It took over three years and a mammoth investment of capitol and manpower to get all of their pieces in place. Never the less, on February 18, 2066, the GCC was ready to take the reigns back. At 00:01:00 GMT, the GCC shut the world off. At once, every power station, every communications station, every fuel pump in every vehicle, every computer, every anything that they had been able to introduce their control circuitry into, was shut off. What little remained of the world’s economy ground to a complete halt. At the same time, certain equipment that was directly operated by the GCC was spared this blackout. Covert and elite strike teams had been moved into position. As these Para-military forces struck at the current leaders of these tyrant nations, word was spread using carefully placed operatives in communities all over the Earth. “Join us, liberty is at hand!” was the message spread throughout communities on the Earth. At first slowly, and then with growing momentum, the people of these villages and cities took up whatever weapons they could find against the corruption occupying their nations. While they were an unorganized mob, they were a very large mob, directed at the enemies of the GCC. On August 26, 2066 at 14:23:17 GMT the last of these rouge nations fell under an impressive weight of civilians and corporate forces. The GCC moved immediately to consolidate and codify their power. On September 2, 2066 at 18:02:49 GMT they ratified the Corporate Powers Act and made the GCC the ruling body over Earth.

It was immediately apparent that the Earth would need to be rebuilt. What wasn’t apparent was exactly how this would be accomplished. The calculated requirements for resources were immense. If manual labor was to be used, then a great deal of time would be required to build up the appropriate levels of population. If it were to not be used, then major resources would have to be invested to create machines with which to build up Earth’s infrastructure. Regardless of which path they would pursue, it was obvious to all that Earth could no longer support humanity the way it once had. The levels of chemical, nuclear, and biological contaminants had rendered much of the Earth uninhabitable. Global population had been depleted to just under one billion persons. Still, the GCC would do what it could to repair what damage it could while searched for the solution to its answers.

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