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2.1 Circa 2000-2010 CE - World War III
Circa 2000-2010 CE: Humanity peaked sociologically in the early 1960s, CE. Since this point, we began a slow slide downhill towards a dark age. Early in the twenty first century, this Dark Age finally came upon us. The details as to its inception are not entirely known to us. The devastation during this age on our centers of learning and knowledge storage was severe. What we do know is that some time early in the twenty first century, a rash of extremely violent terrorist attacks began to sweep the nations of the Earth. At first the civilized peoples of the world united in a stand against this barbarism. However, before too long the old rivalries began to kindle descent between the recently united governments of the world. Because of this infighting, certain terrorist groups were allowed the time to acquire and position biological and nuclear weapons in many of the major cities of the industrialized world. An object lesson was made of Boston, USA. A 10mt thermonuclear fission weapon was detonated, laying waste too much of the downtown and bay areas. The radiation cloud blew inland, over many residential areas. The death toll was in the millions. Rather than capitulate, the civilized nations of the world united and began to cut this cancer from the world, but it was too late. Shanghai, Moscow, Greenwich, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, and New York were all obliterated in rapid succession by nuclear and biological weapons that had been positioned in their most densely populated areas. The world gave in. The terrorists seized control over the resources, wealth, and people of the bulk of the first and second world. Some nations, such as the USA, UK, and China, absolutely refused to buckle under. The slaughter in these nations was severe. They eventually gave in when it became clear that if they didn’t there would be nobody left alive to surrender.

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