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5.11.2 Targeting
E Target Nearest Enemy

R Target Nearest Friendly

F Follow Target

G Shadow Target

H Target Last Distress

Control Create Target at Cursor

Ctrl + J Target HomeGate

Ctrl + P Target Nearest Starport

Ctrl + R Target Nearest Depot, Target Nearest Supply Ship

Ctrl + Y Target Nearest Ship Yard

[ Decrease range at which IFF contacts are displayed

] Increase range at which IFF contacts are displayed

, Object Parent

. Next Object

Alt + A Order Attack Target

Alt + C Order Capture Target, Toggle Contact Diamonds
Capture if Enemy targeted, Toggle Diamonds if Friendly or no target

Alt + D Order Defend Target

Alt + S Order Scout Target

Alt + X Cancel Order

%t Note: this isn't a key-command, but rather a variable you can use in the chat box. Typing %t as part of the message will fetch the name of your current target. For example, you could type "hey everyone, lets all attack %t" and the resulting message that other players see would be something like "hey everyone, lets all attack Joe Station McPlanet-Campy".

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