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5.11 Key Command List
Comprehensive list of keys and their functions.
5.11.1 Movement
A Rudder Left

Left Arrow Turn Left

D Rudder Right

Right Arrow Turn Right

S Center Rudder

Q Decrease Throttle

Down Arrow Decrease Throttle

W Increase Throttle

Up Arrow Increase Throttle

J Start/Abort Jump, Activate Wormhole Device
Wormhole Devices available only on stations and command dreads

Shift + J Emergency Jump

O Orbit Targeted Planet

Alt + Y Toggle Yaw Control

5.11.2 Targeting
E Target Nearest Enemy

R Target Nearest Friendly

F Follow Target

G Shadow Target

H Target Last Distress

Control Create Target at Cursor

Ctrl + J Target HomeGate

Ctrl + P Target Nearest Starport

Ctrl + R Target Nearest Depot, Target Nearest Supply Ship

Ctrl + Y Target Nearest Ship Yard

[ Decrease range at which IFF contacts are displayed

] Increase range at which IFF contacts are displayed

, Object Parent

. Next Object

Alt + A Order Attack Target

Alt + C Order Capture Target, Toggle Contact Diamonds
Capture if Enemy targeted, Toggle Diamonds if Friendly or no target

Alt + D Order Defend Target

Alt + S Order Scout Target

Alt + X Cancel Order

%t Note: this isn't a key-command, but rather a variable you can use in the chat box. Typing %t as part of the message will fetch the name of your current target. For example, you could type "hey everyone, lets all attack %t" and the resulting message that other players see would be something like "hey everyone, lets all attack Joe Station McPlanet-Campy".
5.11.3 Combat
Mouse 1 Select Target

Ctrl + Mouse 1 Target Point

Spacebar Alpha Strike

Shift + Spacebar Manually Detonate All Weapons, Toggle Point Defense

1 - 9 Use Group

Shift + 1 - 9 Detonate Group Weapons, Toggle Group Point Defense

0 Remove Selected Device From Group

B Fire Bombs, Drop Mines

Shift + B Manually Detonate Bombs, Mines

Ctrl + B Toggle Point Defence

I Toggle Interdictor, Station Area Reload

N Launch Fighters

Shift + N Recall Fighters

V Use Flux Wave, Use Pulse Wave, Toggle Cloak

Shift + H Send Resupply Distress

Ctrl + H Send Attacked Distress

T Toggle Tractor Beam, Fire Beacons

Shift + T Deactivate Beacons

Y Repair/Reload Target

Shift + Y Repair/Reload Self

M Toggle ECM

P Toggle ECCM

K Toggle Scanner

Ctrl + S Toggle Shields

Numpad 2 Transfer Shield Energy to Aft

Numpad 4 Transfer Shield Energy to Left

Numpad 5 Tranfer Shield Energy to Full

Numpad 6 Transfer Shield Energy to Right

Numpad 8 Tranfer Shield Energy to Fore
5.11.4 Camera

C View Camera

X Zoom Out

Z Zoom In

Mouse 2 Rotate Camera

MouseWheelUp Zoom In

MouseWheelDown Zoom Out

Tab Cycle Camera View

Alt + T Take Screenshot
Saved as 000000xx.tga in your Darkspace folder
5.11.5 Miscellaneous
G Toggle Mining Beam

Ctrl + D Self Destruct
Press twice to initiate

L Load Infantry, Load Cargo

U Unload Infantry, Unload Cargo, Sell Cargo To Selected Starport
Also Transferes Infantry/Cargo to other Players

Ctrl + L Toggle Planet Lock

Alt + P Toggle Profiler
Shows Ping and Framerate

Ctrl + U Use Ship Yard
Press twice, must be within 250gu

Ctrl + X Scrap Building, Disband Infantry, Remove Device, Eject Cargo

/ Toggle Shield/Armor Status, Toggle Turn Indicator

Enter Type/Send Chat

Esc Play, Observe, Log Off options

F1 Toggle Context Help

F2 Toggle Navigation Screen

F3 Toggle Planet Management Screen

F4 Toggle Chat Log

F5 Toggle Player Profile

F6 Toggle Missions Unused

F7 Toggle Enhancements Display

Numpad 1 Toggle Ship Status HUD

Numpad 3 Toggle Target HUD

Numpad 7 Toggle Communications Console HUD

Shift + Numpad 8 Set Throttle to Full

Shift + Numpad 2 Set Throttle to 0

Shift + Numpad 4 Set Rudder to Full Left

Shift + Numpad 6 Set Rudder to Full Right
5.11.6 Navigation Screen
Alt + A Order Attack Target

B Toggle Orbit Paths

C View Camera

Alt + C Order Capture Target

Alt + D Order Defend Target

E Target Nearest Enemy

F Follow Target

G Shadow Target

H Target Last Distress

I Toggle Ship Icons

J Jump to Target

K Toggle Grid

Ctrl + L Toggle Planet Lock

N Toggle Contacts List

O Orbit Targeted Planet

P Toggle Planet Icons

R Target Nearest Friendly

Alt + S Order Scout Target

Ctrl + T Transfer Credits

Alt + T Take Screenshot

X Zoom Out

Shift + X Instant Zoom Out to Maxinum

Alt + X Cancel Order

Y Toggle Ship Orders

Z Zoom In

Shift + Z Instant Zoom In to Minimum

Spacebar Center Map on Target

Enter Type/Send Chat

Control Create Target at Cursor

Esc Return to Tactical

Numpad 1 Toggle Ship Status HUD

Numpad 3 Toggle Target HUD

Numpad 3 Toggle Communication Console Hud

MouseWheelUp Zoom In

MouseWheelDown Zoom Out

Mouse 1 Nudge/Drag Map, Select Target

Ctrl + Mouse 1 Target Point

Mouse 2 Rotate Map

, Object Parent

. Next Object

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