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12.3 K'Luth
The K'Luth fleet requirements and default weaponry layouts are found below.
12.3.1 Scouts
Talon Scout: Midshipman
Extruder Scout: Midshipman

Fang Scout: Ensign
12.3.2 Frigates
Beak Frigate: Ensign
Instars Frigate: Ensign
Nymph Frigate: Ensign, Bronze Combat

Proboscis Frigate: 2nd Lieutenant
12.3.3 Destroyers
Stinger Destroyer: Lieutenant Commander

Shell Destroyer: Commander
Drainer Destroyer: Commander, Bronze Navigator

Claw Destroyer: Captain, Silver Combat
12.3.4 Cruisers
Piercer Cruiser: 2nd Rear Admiral
Parasite Cruiser: 2nd Rear Admiral, Silver Combat, Bronze Supply

Clavate Cruiser: 1st Rear Admiral, Silver Bomber
Scarab Cruiser: 1st Rear Admiral, Silver Navigation, Silver Engineer, Silver Supply

Scale Cruiser: Vice Admiral, Silver Combat
12.3.5 Dreadnoughts
Mandible Dreadnought: Admiral
Ganglia Dreadnought: Admiral, Gold Support

Siphon Dreadnought: Fleet Admiral, Gold Combat
Brood Dreadnought: Fleet Admiral, Gold Engineer, Gold Supply

Krill Dreadnought: Grand Admiral, Gold Star, Gold Bomber, Bronze Privateer
12.3.6 Station
Hive: Fleet Admiral

Nest: Grand Admiral, Gold Star
Colony: Grand Admiral, Gold Star, Bronze Privateer
12.3.7 Transports
Extractor: Midshipman
Carrier: Midshipman

Advanced Carrier: 1st Lieutenant
12.3.8 Engineer
Drone Engineer: Ensign
12.3.9 Supply Ships
Worker: 2nd Lieutenant

Advanced Worker: 1st Lieutenant, Bronze Support

Ultimate Worker: Commander, Silver Support

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