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5.10 Rank and Badge Requirement List
o Midshipman: Starting Rank
o Ensign: 40 Prestige
o 2nd Lieutenant: 80 Prestige
o 1st Lieutenant: 160 Prestige
o Lieutenant Commander: 320 Prestige
o Commander: 640 Prestige
o Captain: 1280 Prestige
o 2nd Rear Admiral: 2560 Prestige
o 1st Rear Admiral: 5120 Prestige
o Vice Admiral: 10240 Prestige
o Admiral: 20480 Prestige
o Fleet Admiral: 40960 Prestige
o Grand Admiral: 81920 Prestige
o Marshal: 163840 Prestige
o Chief Marshal: 327680 Prestige

Note: All badges are based on cumulative points, with the exception of Privateering and Navigation badges, and the amount of points received per action may vary.

Navigation Awards
o Bronze Navigator: 50 Jumps
o Silver Navigator: 500 Jumps
o Gold Navigator: 1000 Jumps
o Platinum Navigator: 5000 Jumps

Combat Awards
o Bronze Combat: 50 Ships Damaged
o Silver Combat: 500 Ships Damaged
o Gold Combat: 1000 Ships Damaged
o Platinum Combat: 5000 Ships Damaged

Support Awards
o Bronze Support: 50 Units Repaired
o Silver Support: 500 Units Repaired
o Gold Support: 1000 Units Repaired
o Platinum Support: 5000 Units Repaired

Bombing Awards
o Bronze Bomber: 50 Planets Damaged
o Silver Bomber: 500 Planets Damaged
o Gold Bomber: 1000 Planets Damaged
o Platinum Bomber: 5000 Planets Damaged

Transport Awards
o Bronze Transport: 25 Planets Captured
o Silver Transport: 50 Planets Captured
o Gold Transport: 100 Planets Captured
o Platinum Transport: 500 Planets Captured

Engineering Awards
o Bronze Engineering: 50 Construction Points
o Silver Engineering: 500 Construction Points
o Gold Engineering: 1000 Construction Points
o Platinum Engineering: 5000 Construction Points

Privateering Awards
o Bronze Privateer: 25 Ships Captured
o Silver Privateer: 50 Ships Captured
o Gold Privateer: 100 Ships Captured

Miscellaneous Awards
Note: Star awards include Combat, Bombing, Transport, Support, Engineering and Navigation badges only.
o Bronze Star: All 6 Bronze Medals
o Silver Star: All 6 Silver Medals
o Gold Star: All 6 Gold Medals
o Sirius Combat Medal: Bronze Combat, Bronze Bomber, and Bronze Transport
o Defense Medal: Silver Combat and Gold Engineering
o Star Fury Medal: Silver Bomber and Silver Transport

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