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As helpful as the moderators and players are, the phrase "RTM" is just as applicable here as anywhere else, we've got a lot of detailed information on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the game from the obvious to the obscure. This document is intended as a comprehensive (some might say, exhaustive) guide to playing DarkSpace. We hope you'll read, learn from, and regularly reference the Manual, whenever you have a question about some aspect of the game.

Since DarkSpace does get updated, we do our best to keep the Manual current with the state of the game with accurate information. However, with the quantity of information, some things might slip through the cracks and be missed or even omitted. If you find something is missing, incomplete, inaccurate, or just too hard to understand, please let the staff know so that we can correct it, we do this for the benefit of you, the player.


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October 11, 2008

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