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13.7 Command List
GameCQ has a number of chat commands. This section will briefly explain them. Typing each command will display a syntax list for it.

/? ... Display chat help
/room ... List/Join/Create/Find Rooms - Usage: /room [list|join|create|leave|members]
/status ... Set status - Usage: /status [message]
/find ... Find another user - Usage: /find [user name|@user id]
/who ... Show profile information - /who [user name|@user id]
/clan ... List/Join/Create/Find clans - Usage: /clan [list|join|create|leave|info|members] [clan name|@clan id]
/friend ... List/Add/Remove friends - Usage: /friend [list|add|delete|removeselffrom] [user name|@user id]
/ignore ... List/Add/Remove ignores - Usage: /ignore [list|add|delete] [user name|@user id]
/say ... Send message to players in current room - Usage: /say [message]
/whisper ... Whisper message to another player in the room - Usage: /whisper [user name|@user id] [message]
/me ... Emotion - Usage: /me [message]
/send ... Send message to another user/friend/clan - Usage: /send [friends|clan|clanoffline|user name|@user id|fleet [@fleet id | fleet name] ] [message]
/report ... Send message to moderators - Usage: /report [message]
/away ... Set status as away - Usage: /away
/back ... Remove away status - Usage: /back

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