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9.1 Capturing Planets
Capturing planets is a crucial part of DarkSpace. Without planets, your faction is doomed to a quick death. Capturing planets is a simple matter of getting friendly infantry to outnumber enemy infantry for about two minutes.

Unfortunately, it's rarely this simple in practice. Since planets are so valuable, the enemy will defend them with automated defense bases, as well as standing garrisons of troops. Defense bases will shoot your infantry drop pods, requiring you to think twice before you unload your troops at the wrong time.

Fortunately, you have a few tools at your disposal. Bombers can wipe out key defensive structures. Troops can be ordered to raze planetary structures. If all else fails, you can simply overload the defenses with a coordinated fleet drop (think D-Day).

To capture a planet, load infantry from a friendly planet (select infantry on the surface and press the L key). At the planet you wish to capture, fly to within 250gu of the surface or orbit the planet, then select either the planet or one of the yellow location diamonds on the planet's surface, and press the U key to unload all your infantry. If your troops are unopposed, the capture process can take about 1-2 minutes.

Any planet that is either Neutral (yellow) or Enemy (red), can be captured, with the exception of Inferno planets and Gas Giants.

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