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8.4 Mining, Factories, and Production
A Colony Hub provides 10 Mining to a planet. For resources, this means that 10 resources will be added to the planet's resource cache every ten seconds. If you look around your buttons at the various costs of each building, you will quickly realize that a measly 10 metals per 10 seconds will get you nowhere fast.

Building: The Mine is used to increase the Mining of a planet by 10. It requires workers and power to maintain its production.

Building: The Factory is used to multiply the mining output of mines build on the planet. It requires workers and power to maintain its production.

Build mines and factories until your heart is content, but be mindful of how many workers they require and be mindful of the fact that you have more to build than just mines, and you're going to need space later unless you intend to build a planet solely for mining, which is perfectly acceptable.

Also, if you build too many, you're going to quickly notice your available power dropping into oblivion. Which brings us to the next item.

Take note that mining can also be done by means of an Extractor that uses its mining beams to gather resources, then unload them to the surface or starport while you are building in order to speed up the construction process.

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