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8.2 Starting Your First Planet
While you can build on most types of planets, Gas Giants and Inferno planets are utterly incapable of supporting buildings, population or troops. Each type of habitable planet supports a different amount of natural population, as shown here.

Find yourself an empty planet (a planet with no "Structures" indicator in its target window) and get in orbit. If this is your first time building, try to find a small planet so you won't have to move around in order to build. Don't pick a mini-planet the size of Luna, though, or you will not have enough space on the planet to fool around with. Your planet should have at least five rows (top to bottom) of "tiles" upon which to build. You'll notice that you can't build things on the uppermost sections of any planet's northern and southern hemispheres. This is intentional, as buildings aren't of much use in these places when the game of DarkSpace is played on a two-dimensional plane.

Once in orbit, select any grid, or the planet itself, and hit "F3" to bring up the planetary interface. If this planet is truly empty, there will be no habitat, no population, no power, and no food unless it is a planet that can naturally support population, which we will get to later. You must provide these things in order for them to exist. As such, it is recommended that you be in orbit of a barren planet that has no atmosphere with which to support life on its own, if you're learning.

You might notice, as is normal with most untouched planets, that you've already got some basic resources to work with on the surface, but not much. This will allow your planet to jump-start itself to life, giving you enough room to allow some basic population and resource production to come in.

Building: The Colony Hub is an essential to any barren planet with mo means of supporting life on its own. It provides basic habitat to support a small population, the food to support that population, basic power to support a small number of supplementary buildings, and basic research to start a planet on its way to technological perfection. All of this, and it is the only building to require nothing but space.

Select any empty tile on the planet and click on the "Colony Hub" button. Your drones will deploy to that tile and the building will appear on the surface. If you select it, a progress indication will appear in the target window. If you were to look at your vessel systems in the tactical window, you would notice that your Build device has a flashing blue "load bar" indicator indicating progress as well. When the building completes, the server will display a message that you have constructed a Colony Hub on your planet.

Notice the changes to the F3 screen. Your planet now has 10 Habitat, 10 Power, 10 Research, 10 Mining, and 10 Food. Yet, it still has zero Technology, zero Population, and zero Workers.

...so what the heck does all that mean?

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