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7.2 Firing Weapons
Any weapon in DarkSpace can be fired simply by right-clicking on the device if it is green (active). Different types of weapon do different types of damage.
o Heat Damage - Chemical Lasers employed by the human factions do more and more damage the closer you are to the enemy vessel.
o Focused Damage - Cannons and K'Luth Disruptors impact a particular spot and do not differ in damage depending on distance.
o Splash Damage - Torpedoes and Missiles are capable of damaging ships even if they do not accomplish a direct hit.

It is also possible to fire in groups. All weapon types have a default numbering, which is viewable on the device in your systems display. Pressing that number on your keyboard will fire that group. You can also create your own grouped device by left-clicking on the device and pressing any number from 1 to 9, 0 will un-group that device. The number on the device will change to indicate its new assignment.

Finally, it is also possible to fire an alpha strike, which salvos all available weapons toward your target. This is a powerful means of attack, but be conscious of the effect that using so many systems at once will have on your ship's power supply. Repeated alpha strikes in a heavily armed vessel without proper consideration to speed and energy will quickly result in a power drain, rendering your weapons useless until your energy can flow uninterrupted.

Keep in mind that some weapons have ammo counts, such as torpedoes and missiles (and some types of cannon). This is indicated by a number on the system device.
7.2.1 Point Defense
Most laser weapons can be set to automatically fire on incoming missiles, nearby bombs, and other weapons that are targetable while moving toward their objectives. You can do this by shift+clicking on any laser. The letters "PD" will appear on the laser, indicating that it is set to point defense. Keep the consequences of this setting in mind when you are in combat, as PD Lasers will fire whether you tell them to or not.

To activate or deactivate all applicable lasers for Point Defense at once, press CTRL+B. Heavy Chemical Lasers and Assault Disruptors cannot be used for point defense.

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