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2.2 Installing DarkSpace
A Client program must be downloaded an installed in order to play DarkSpace. The DarkSpace client can be found in the Downloads section of the DarkSpace website.
Currently, DarkSpace is at version 1.500. Pick a mirror and when the download starts, select the option to save the installer to your hard drive. You should be downloading a file called "DarkSpace.exe", this is the Client installer. Once you have downloaded this file please run it and follow the instructions.
Note for Windows Vista Users: Due to issues with Vista's UAC feature, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT use the default installation path, instead install DarkSpace to a location that is not in the "Program Files" folder.

In case you in possession of a DarkSpace installation CD, you must still download the latest game client. The client has changed over the years and the old CD installer is no longer compatible with the new version. However if you own a DarkSpace Boxed version with CD there should be a CD-Key coupon included, you can use this one-time coupon to get a free month of subscribed playtime and a higher starting rank.

Once you complete the instructions you are given and DarkSpace is installed, you are ready to go!

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