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Fleet Details
The 501st
Fleet Name:The 501st
Max Members:50
Motto:"Execute Order 66"

Fleet is open to active players, regardless of rank, prestige, etc. as long as there is teamwork.

9 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
apugh752nd Rear Admiral3880.07December 28, 2016
Arrow[A33]Captain1983.62November 09, 2013
BloodBoundVice Admiral15928.7March 06, 2016
caestro1st Rear Admiral8756.94August 25, 2017
ErmadiVice Admiral13470.9January 14, 2014
Officer Pimmax2nd Rear Admiral3171.93August 07, 2012
shahidee44Vice Admiral18605.5June 17, 2014
therock26Commander982.58September 04, 2013
XizzdotVice Admiral10824.5September 09, 2013

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