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- Weekly DarkSpace
12/22/18 +5.4 Days
- Towel Day
05/25/19 +158.7 Days
- International Talk like a Pirate Day!
09/19/19 +275.7 Days




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DarkSpace is a game run entirely by people who volunteer their free time to better the game for everyone. Whilst this presents a unique operating structure, working environment, and gaming experience, it also means that we struggle from time-to-time finding those with the skill-sets we require.

Working on DarkSpace can be an excellent way to gain experience with a working game production environment, and seeing how ideas can become reality. However, whilst we would love to accept all volunteer applications, we do require ample knowledge to get the job done. These positions can be used to further your learning, but are not for beginners.

Below is a list of positions that we require filling. Those wanting to apply should be made aware that these are entirely voluntary positions and successful entry does not make you an employee of Palestar.

General Programming
DarkSpace is constantly on the lookout for people with C++ knowledge who can help improve existing code and impliment ideas that our content team are constantly thinking up.

Required Experience/skills:
* Second year degree knowledge of C++ and general programming with preferable previous experience.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Sound Engineer
DarkSpace is always in need of epic and exciting sounds that send chills down your spine as you fire that barrage of Railguns at your target.

Required Experience/skills:
* Experience creating soundsbites and/or music.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* Ability to be creative and create something from nothing.

Graphic Designer/Texture Artist
DarkSpace is an old game, and whilst our work has stood the test of time, those ships and planets really need a new paint job.

Required Experience/skills:
* Experience creating textures.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* Ability to be creative and create something from nothing.

Website Designer
The DarkSpace website is the first entry into the DarkSpace universe, and needs to give a good impression.

Required Experience/skills:
* 3+ years experience with PHP and MySQL.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
* Ability to be creative and create something from nothing.

If you're not sure of your ability to contribute, please contact . However, if you are sure of your ability to contribute please contact .

Thank you!

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