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1.741 - Release
- Sensor, stealth and recon ICC scouts now have a new gadget: Weapon Disruptor. This gadget allows them to reduce the weapon range of one enemy at a time. - BlackYoup
- Fix navigation keys (A-D / Left-Right) that get stuck when the player alternates holding. The ship will now correctly turn following the pressed keys. - BlackYoup
- Fix Gadget positions on ICC Missile Cruiser. - Walrus of Apathy
- Mute game sounds when game window is not the focus. - Pantheon
- Lowered chatter volume. - Pantheon
- Building a structure now targets it after initiating the build. - BlackYoup
- Fixed over saturated lights on ship texutres. - Pantheon
- Tweaked DarkSpace UberShader to produce better shadows and less ambient light saturation. - Pantheon
- AI faction spawners have been reworked. Shipyards continue to create faction spawners that will spawn AI for the faction of the parent planet, but will now spawn variable amounts of AI dependant on the rank of players in the sector and what ships they're flying. - Pantheon
- AI Engineers will no-longer spawn from faction spawners, and will instead spawn one for each planet with a Colony Hub. Engineers will cease to spawn at the planet if there are no structure slots left, or the planet is locked. Additionally, blockade and strike events prevent engineers from being created. - Pantheon
- AI Engineers will build defense bases on planets again now. - Pantheon
- Fixed an issue wherein entering a wormhole whilst within a safezone would render your weapons unusable. - Pantheon
1.730 - Release
- Conform and smooth pitch and yaw camera movement. - Pantheon
- Being in orbit of an enemy planet allows you to enter the engineering screen. - Pantheon
- Boosted out of combat jump drive charge rate by 30%. - Pantheon
- Reworked AI spawn logic. - Pantheon
1.720 - Release
- Updated out of combat mechanic. 10 seconds base + 10 seconds for every ship level. - Pantheon
(Examples: Scout old: 30s, Scout new: 30s, Dread old: 30s, Dread new: 70s)
- Fixed planetary interdictors. - Pantheon
- You can only use Engineering view (F3) on faction owned planets now. - Pantheon
- MI faction rebalance. - Eledore
- Added GadgetModifierEW. This gadget can modify enhancement variables on enemy ships. - BlackYoup
- Navigation: add a map reset angle button. - BlackYoup
- Navigation: Reset camera when the reset camera angle button is pressed. - BlackYoup
- Population is now one order of magnitude more difficult to kill, control doesn't reset when population hits 0. - Pantheon
- Jump disruption aura changed to -50% charge rate. - Pantheon
- Stars now describe what sector they belong to in their name. - Pantheon
1.710 - Release
- The Platinum Star medal has been added to the game. The requirements are the same as for the other 'Star' medals. Platinum Combat, Platinum Bomber, Platinum Transport, Platinum Engineer and Platinum Support.
- Scouting badges have been added to the game, requirements are as follows:

-- Bronze Scouting: 50 Scout Prestige
-- Silver Scouting: 500 Scout Prestige
-- Gold Scouting: 1000 Scout Prestige
-- Platinum Scouting: 5000 Scout Prestige
- Multicore support is now automated for all Intel Core and AMD Ryzen systems.
- Prestige loss upon death has now been removed.
- Infantry now take damage based upon the distance from the hex they are on instead of their actual world position (somewhere above the atmosphere).
1.705 - Release
- Improved logging on enhancements.
1.704 - Release
- -Metaverse now plays 3 systems per map at a time, functionally similar to Scenario (it's still the same size, same number of planets, same number of star systems). Winning one set will progress the map to another sector. Maps will cycle every 5 days, assuming win conditions havent been met sooner than that.

- Narrowband and Focused EWAR now have hit effects on their targets. ECM will produce green rings, ECCM will produce orange ones.

- Torpedo AoE radius adjusted:
-- Scouts get a much bigger AoE
-- Frigates get a somewhat bigger AoE
-- Destroyers get a little bigger AoE
-- Cruisers get the same AoE (sucks to be them)
-- Dreadnoughts get a little smaller AoE
-- Stations get a much smaller AoE

-- These will be a mod option for each faction's bomb slot. They're as slow as mines, unguided and have a very long cooldown, but each shot does the same damage as a Core Torpedo and they fire in a salvo of 4. They also have a crazy-huge AoE.
-- Intended for use against stationary targets and fixed fortifications (*coughplatspamcough*), so Bomber ships aren't just there to sweep up the planet after the party's over.
- Resources lost is now scaled based on faction balance. If one faction has 10 players and the other faction has 5, then the smaller faction will gain Resources lost at half the rate.
- Fixed issue with Aura's getting reset when moving through gates or using a ship yard.
- Updated rendering engine to allow for playing back one shot ship damage effects.
- Interdictor changes:
* Are now position at the center of the planet, rather than the structure.
* Scale with the planet radius. If the planet you stick it on has a radius of 200 gu, then the interdictor range will be upped to 1200 gu.
* Sprite effect is now locked to the correct axis and scales according to the radius.
- Running Electronic Warfare devices now earns you Scouting points, which lets you earn presstige!
- ECM earns points when affecting friendly ships (not your own, though)
- ECCM earns points when affecting enemy ships
- Works on Recon Fighters too!
- Tweaked missile intercept code to allow them to function as intended.
- Implement sound priority system so we can prioritize sound effects and make it so no sound effects are lost. Additionally, implemented system to prevent multiple sounds of the same type from playing all at once.
- Added 48000Khz audio support. Set default to 44100Khz now as is the default Windows standard.

Changed default number of audio voices from 16 to 64. Choices in setup are now 32, 64, or 128. Voices are clamped to be between 32 and 128 now.
- New background art courtesy of Ferrin @115436
1.703 - Release
- Cloak changes:
The cloaking device now has an entirely new method of operation:
- The cloaking device only consumes energy during the act of going from completely visible to completely invisible. Once the ship is fully-cloaked, it stops draining energy entirely.
- The total amount of energy it takes to cloak is proportional to the ship's signature and its maximum energy capacity:
-- At or below 0.0 signature it costs no energy to cloak.
-- Every 1.0 signature above that increases energy cost by 2% of the ship's maximum energy capacity.
-- At 50 signature, it costs 100% of maximum energy capacity to cloak.
-- If your ship does not have enough energy to meet the projected cost of cloaking, YOU CANNOT ACTIVATE THE DEVICE. It will remain unavailable until you have enough energy or your signature drops low enough.
-- If the ship had enough energy when it started to cloak, but then that changes partway through--like, say, thanks to someone turning on ECCM--the cloak will stall and the ship will remain visible until it can again get sufficient energy or lower its signature. The ship CAN continue firing its weapons in this situation, but since that raises signature it might not be that great an idea.
- Once the cloak is active, it has a finite limit to how long it can remain active. Smaller ships can only stay cloaked for a short time; bigger ships can remain cloaked longer.
- The cloak also has a substantial cooldown that begins after the ship has finished decloaking; again, shorter for small ships, longer for big ones. At the moment the cooldown is set to be about 2/3rds as long as the duration, so if you can keep recloaking as soon as it's available you'll be invisible more than 50% of the time.
-- The cloak does not drain energy during its cooldown.

Torpedo changes:
- Rebalanced primary torpedo weapons (Fusion, Proton and Antimatter) to do more damage in a single attack but have a longer cooldown. Same overall DPS.
- Adjusted profile of torpedo damage. Each projectile starts off inflicting pure area damage. As the ship gets bigger the area grows larger but the amount of area damage remains the same; instead, the torpedo begins to inflict damage directly to its target on top of the area damage. End result: larger ships catching you in the AoE of their torpedoes will be much less damaging.
-- SABOT Rockets still inflict purely direct damage, no AoE at all. Modest reduction in DPS, though.
- Fixed miscalculated damage on ELF Torps (were inflicting 3x more damage than intended).

Missile changes:
- Rebalanced missiles... AGAIN.
-- Skirmish missiles are now short-ranged and fire 3 missiles in a volley, but have a very long cooldown. High salvo damage, low DPS.
-- Strike missiles are now long-ranged. They still fire only one missile at a time, but have a shorter cooldown than Skirmish and will inflict superior DPS over the long run.

Armor changes:
- K'Luth Chitin Armor HP reduced from a base of 40,500 hp to 36,000 hp. Regen and per-level hp adjusted accordingly.
- K'Luth Dusk Armor signature strength doubled from -0.15 sig per level to -0.3 sig per level.
- UGTO Stealth Armor HP increased from a base of 22,500 hp to 30,000 hp. Regen and per-level hp adjusted accordingly.

Other changes:
- Valence Autocannon effects toned down. Their projectile is less stretchy and their impact effect has fewer particles. Should lead to less framerate impact when using them.
- Fixed some ICC Transports starting off with 4 infantry in their cargo when newly-spawned instead of the usual 2; all transports now spawn with 2 infantry.
1.702 - Release
- Added email field to bug reports and fixed issue with client log getting cleared before the bug report is sent.
- Fixed issue with unique ID generation on mufti-core systems creating conflicting ID's that was resulting in client crashes.
- New weapon! The Valence Autocannon is now a mod option for Railguns and Gauss Guns. Extremely rapid-fire and short-ranged, with higher energy use than its counterparts. Only ICC cannon with falloff over range. Inflicts Energy damage instead of Kinetic, unlike most cannons.
- New defense! Ghost Shields will reduce your signature while active. Amount of signature reduction increases with ship level and percentage of shield strength. Lower HP and regen than any other shield, though.
- Pulse Shield charge rate reduced from 12 to 4. Drains less energy, but now has a cooldown of 90 seconds. Use it wisely!
- Improved Ion Cannon effects! Now with a bright blue trail and a larger, more visible projectile!
- Ship layout changes:
-- M-194X Rapid Assault Destroyer: Changed from Beam/Torpedo/Missile to Beam/Torpedo/Cannon, using the new Valence Autocannons on stock layout
-- M-230L Light Cruiser: Cannons re-arranged for stronger broadside firepower
-- M-240Y Auxiliary Cruiser: Converted from a PD ship to a Minelayer
-- M-228C/E Escort Carrier, aka the "Guppy": Converted from a Tier 2 Escort/Carrier to Tier 1 Carrier, gets double-shield layout
-- M-232S Stealth Cruiser: Converted from a Tier 1 EWAR Cruiser to Tier 2 EWAR/Missile Cruiser
-- M-241B/N Jump Cruiser: Changed from Command/Missile to Command/Bomber, with three Planet Siege Missiles on stock layout
-- M-239A/L-M Strike Cruiser: Changed from Beam/Cannon/Missile to Torp/Cannon/EWAR and finally gets its Ion Cannons back!
-- M-500A Line Station: Ion Cannons replaced with Variance Torpedoes to make the station less supreme at long range.

- New weapon! The Telekinetic Torpedo is now a mod option for AM and ELF Torps. Longer-ranged and lower-damage, it inflicts Kinetic damage instead of Energy.
- New defense! Dusk Armor will reduce your signature while active. Amount of signature reduction increases with ship level and percentage of armor strength. Lower HP and regen than any other armor, though.
- Ship layout changes:
-- Nest: Stellar Incinerators replaced with Neutronium Torpedoes to make the station less supreme at long range.

- New weapons! EMP Missiles and Heavy EMP Missiles are now mod options for Peregrine/Sparrow missiles and Raptor/Phoenix missiles, respectively. These mid-range, mid-damage missiles inflict EMP/Kinetic damage on impact.
- New defense! Stealth Armor will reduce your signature while active. Amount of signature reduction increases with ship level and percentage of armor strength. Lower HP and regen than any other armor, though.
- Improved effects! All Flux weapons now have lightning arcs on projectile and impact effects, increasing their awesome levels by 150%!
-- Made with lightning!
- Flux Wave damage now scales with level; much more powerful on larger ships
- Ship layout changes:
-- ST-73 Interceptor Cruiser: Cannons re-arranged for stronger forward firepower
-- ST-162 Battle Station: Heavy Positron Cannons replaced with Quantum Singularity Torpedoes to make the station less supreme at long range.

Global Changes
- Wormhole Drives now have a uniform 5-minute cooldown for all ships, activation hotkey changed from B to Y to avoid conflict with Bombs
- Signature-increasing defenses (Chitin & Reflective Armor, Active, Auxiliary, Reactive and Skirmish Shields) now properly scale their signature amount with their HP %
- Missiles have had their velocity trends reversed. Lower-level missiles are slower and higher-level missiles are faster, instead of vice-versa. Should finally fix missile accuracy issues!
- Station-launched missile minimum range increased from 700 gu to 1000 gu
- Transports now count for double when capturing a planet

Released November 17, 2013
1.701 - Release
- - New Defense Changes
- Defenses for all factions adjusted and rebalanced

- All shields: vulnerable to EMP and ELF weapons
- Active Shields
-- Highest HP
-- Slowest regen
-- Moderate energy use
- Reactive Shields
-- Moderate HP
-- Moderate regen
-- Lowest energy use
- Skirmish Shields
-- Lowest HP
-- Fastest regen
-- Highest energy use
-- Increased signature penalty
- Composite Armor
-- Moderate HP
-- Low regen
-- Moderate mass
-- Bonus resistance to EMP damage

- K'Luth
- Organic Armor
-- Moderate HP
-- High regen
-- Low mass
- Chitinous Armor
-- High HP
-- Low regen
-- High mass
-- Signature penalty

- Standard Armor
-- High HP
-- Moderate regen
-- Moderate mass
- Ablative Armor
-- High HP
-- Fast regen
-- High mass
-- Bonus resistance to Kinetic damage
-- Weak resistance to Energy damage
- Reflective Armor
-- High HP
-- Low regen
-- Low mass
-- Bonus resistance to Energy damage
-- Weak resistance to Kinetic damage
-- Signature penalty

Weapons Changes
- Most weapons limited to a single damage type; most Missiles and Cannons inflict Kinetic damage, most Torpedoes and Beams inflict Energy.

- ICC Pulse Shield has been rebalanced. Range changed to a flat 300 and its efficiency has been changed from 65% chance on each missile to 50%.

- Strike missiles have had their turn rate reduced by half in comparison to Skirmish missiles. Damage reduced from 2x of Skirmish to 1.5x.

Platform Changes
- Platforms no longer contribute towards capturing a planet

Visual Detection Changes
- Ships now become more easily visible through ECM as they move faster.
- Scouts
-- Visible at 20 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 140 gu when at full throttle
- Frigates
-- Visible at 60 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 360 gu when at full throttle
- Transports
-- Visible at 60 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 240 gu when at full throttle
- Engineers
-- Visible at 75 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 300 gu when at full throttle
- Supplies
-- Visible at 60 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 300 / 240 / 180 gu (T1 / T2 / T3) when at full throttle
- Destroyers
-- Visible at 90 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 450 gu when at full throttle
- Cruisers
-- Visible at 120 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 480 gu when at full throttle
- Dreadnoughts
-- Visible at 360 gu when below 5 gu/sec
-- Visible at 1080 gu when at full throttle
- Stations
-- Visible at 600 gu at all speeds

Ship Layout Changes
- Krill has had some of it's SI's removed and replacesd with its equivalent in Psi-Cannons with better arcs.

Planetary Research Changes
- Planets now gain Tech at a rate of 1 per update for every 10 Population, up from 1 for every 20 Pop.
- Planets now gain Tech proportional to the difference between current Tech level and current Research level; the greater the gap, the faster it rises.

Missile Ship Changes
- Human missile ships now launch vertically, either straight up (all ICC and a few UGTO) or straight down (most UGTO). K'Luth missile ships still launch straight forward.
- All missiles have much higher minimum ranges:
-- Frigate: 300 gu
-- Destroyer: 400 gu
-- Cruiser: 500 gu
-- Dreadnought: 600 gu
-- Station: 700 gu

MI Ship Changes
- MI Transport and Supply ships have their rank requirements set much higher, to prevent them from spawning en masse.

Enhancement Changes
- Many more Enhancement & Aura affects now have a maximum limit to the bonus they can provide to a single ship. Double-check the F7 screen to see this displayed.

-Enhancements that were on ships that you no longer have access to are returned to your garage.
1.700 - Release
- Profanity filter is now client-side, and uses word replacement.
- Chat is now global. (lobby and game chat is now connected.)

- Profanity filter now uses word replacement.
- Significantly improved fleet level interface.
- Level 2 fleet upgrade now immediately creates a forum regardless of member count, and allows access to fleet-wide emails.

Engine Changes
- Medusa now supports 16 levels of Anisotropic Filtering, which can be adjusted in setup.

Subscription Changes
- Subscribers now receive some additional perks in DarkSpace:
* 10% prestige boost.
* Their icon in the lobby now shows them wearing pants.
* They now have 12 ship slots instead of 8.
* They can use the /nameship command in-game to change the name of their ship.
* A badge is displayed next to their ship name in-game.

General Game Changes
- Brand new and touched-up models and effects.
- Refitted gadgets now keep their hotkeys.
- Torpedo Bombers added for all three factions! The ICC XB-17, K'Luth Havoc and UGTO B-29 are now ready for use!
- EWAR fighters now properly use their EWAR gadgets (ECM/ECCM/Scanner). They are a toned down version of the ones available on ships.
- Fighters can now be issued a new target. Shift+hotkey (default N) with no target selected will return all fighters to your ship, whereas Shift+hotkey will issue all fighters a new target that they will immediately go for.
- Pressing Shift+hotkey on an ally will result in fighters circling very close to that ship. Interceptors will use a point-defense beam to fire at all incoming projectiles and fighters, while other fighters will just hold position.
- ALT+R will now target your ship so as to easier facilitate protect mode on fighters.
- Interceptors now have dedicated beams to use in fighter-to-fighter combat. They no longer have an anti-ship beam and are now purely anti-projectile fighters.
- The game will now display a red warning message for 10 seconds warning the user they won't gain any prestige in a rank locked server/constellation.
- Detailed gadget information tool tips have been added to Command Auras, EWAR, Jump Drives, Wormholes, Drives, Reactors, Armor, Shields, Flux Wave, Pulse Wave, Cloak, and Beam and Projectile-based weapons.
- Beams set to PD can no longer be used when firing at ships (no more accidentally using beams you want to use for PD in combat).
- Mines now have a new mechanic. When dropped, they will remain stationary until something comes close enough, and then will home in. They can also be targeted to target an empty space, or any other target (including enemies).
- Rejiggered the Buy Enhancement button to the left of the Remove button for a more consistent UI experience.
- Players now have faction independant ship storage.
- Weapons with multiple projectiles no longer wait for the last projectile to fire before reloading.
- Weapon and defense rebalance.
- Removed Navigation/Tactical swapping sound effect.
- New metaverse map.
- New nebula colors.
- Electronic Warfare gadgets are now split into two groups.
* Traditional AoE EWar is only available to Scouts and Frigates.
* Targeted EWar is only available to Cruisers, Dreadnoughts and Stations. They also get a self-only AoE ECM.
* All ECM can only affect friendly targets, while all ECCM can only affect enemy targets.
* Both AoE and Targeted EWar have no falloff in strength over range.
- The Wormhole device is now activated with the hotkey 'B'. No bombing ships are equiped with this device, so conflict is not a problem.
- AI will now use TECM and TECCM when defending/attacking a target respectively.
- You can now search for a ship instead of having to find it manually in the list.
- You can now filter which tiers of ship you want to see.
- Captured ships now act as ALLY enhancements to their captor.
- Major changes to ship detection.
-- Visual detection requires a much closer approach, and all ships are now equally capable of visual detection instead of getting better on larger hulls. Ships will be visible at approximately 20 gu for every 1 gu of hitbox radius.
-- Sensor detection is weaker, making it easier to conceal a ship with low but not negative signature at great distance. Most ships can detect an object at 250 gu per 1 signature; Scouts can detect out to 500 gu per 1 signature. Scanners also do not provide nearly as much of a boost to sensor strength; they only increase detection distance by 500 gu per 1 signature at all levels.
-- New platforms. Gun, Torpedo, and Recon platforms added for all three factions.
-- Rank and badge requirements for ships have been completely reworked.
-- AI will now properly spawn and despawn from shipyards according to current player numbers and their ranks.
-- AI layouts have been completely reworked.

ICC Changes
- Tachyon Jumpdrives have been adjusted to 50% greater fuel capacity than Antimatter jumpdrives.

K'Luth Changes
- Antimatter Jumpdrives now have cooldown equal to that of Tachyon drives, 50% greater energy use than Tachyon drives, and 50% greater jump velocity (3600 gu/sec vs 2400, up from 3000 gu/sec in release).

UGTO Changes
- Tachyon Jumpdrives have been adjusted to 50% greater fuel capacity than Antimatter jumpdrives.

- You should now be able to see contacts in other servers.
- Jumps are now aborted if the client disconnects from the server.
- Beam's no-longer render when they do no damage (out of range and/or firing arc).
- All ships of each class on all factions share the exact hitbox dimensions now.
- Asteroids can no longer break galactic speed records, and have had their top speed limited to 25 gu/s.
- Planets with an interdictor will no longer lock player's Jump Drives when captured.
- Supply Platforms have read "How to supply for dummies", and will now stop derping when friendly ships need repair in the vicinity.
- Fixed exploit with planet import/export controls.
- Players can no longer unload enhancements onto planets.
- A few shaders got compile issues fixed.
- No more triangles in hit effects.
- Removed scenario where a ship would try to attempt its last command upon spawning (therein removing the issue of ships exploding upon spawn).
- Fixed issue with bombs and projectiles targetting stacked infantry locations. They should now instead automatically track to the base where they are actually located.
- You now automatically select the hex a structure was placed on when you scrap it.
- Planetary Shields now start at 0% and increase charge when built.
- Construction prestige is now correctly calculated against Build Speed enhancements (you no longer lose out for building faster).
- Fixed a bug in which fighters which ran out of fuel or got destroyed weren't removed from the max active fighter array.
- Enemy infantry will now trigger your out of combat timer.
- Wormholes can now be opened from the navigation screen.

- Released: October 14th, 2013

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