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UGTO: 19 Fleets
*Renegade Space Marines*1108458752
Cerberus Vanguard4343
Courageous Elite Commandos284172320
Defenders of Maltese859482
Galactic Navy400067734
Imperial Fleet1988232
Infinite Source111493
Lethal Assault Group61206610
Mercenaries of Andosia71616611
My Little Pony37393513
Non Omnis Moriar36879005
T-Roy! and Friends16258443
The Myrmidon Legion153039928
UGTO Expeditionary Fleet1062245
United Armed Corps680152
United Galactic Trade Organisation1930182
We Kick Arse53863513
ICC: 28 Fleets
Angry Mob89512
Brothers in Arms90072
Coalition of Darkness2212
Confederate Assault Fleet74763
Exathra Alliance Fleet65623323
eXcellent Strategists248425
Faster than Light149361631
Fatal Squadron248679117
Ghosts of the Revolution8983913
Infiltrate, Observe, Neutralize362633
Interstellar Cultural Confederation850002
Interstellar Cultural Confederation United249834744
Nox Gamin30923
Raven Warriors96103730
Sabre Fleet133695
Sundered Weimeriners135854925
Systematic Gaming5492712
Templar Knights185776212
Terra Squadron13421813
The 501st774209
United Nations Space Command8088988
Xavor Alliance822824
K'Luth: 17 Fleets
Alien Masterful7885266
Anarchy's End7465515
Army Of Darkness342165332
BIOnics Industry Syndicate25157410
Drunken Space Pilots148553
Evil Empires Inc.41089014
ExtraTerrestrial Space Bums68905213
K'Luth Revolution4534394
K'Luth Tribal Council912163
Marauding Pirates1861052
Pitch Black995507658
Portuguese Space Invaders6879822
Praetorian Wolves240791110
Sanity Assassins146485217
Team Germany7587793
Victory Rush202833
Pirates: 2 Fleets
Cártel Verde de Queso2735816
Rogens Raiders114101512
MI: 1 Fleets
Nexus 1413965147359

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