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UGTO: 17 Fleets
*Renegade Space Marines*867411050
Cerberus Vanguard4343
Courageous Elite Commandos283890420
Defenders of Maltese1936813
Galactic Navy414164034
Imperial Fleet1986972
Infinite Source110503
Lethal Assault Group54688810
Mercenaries of Andosia71616611
My Little Pony37350713
Non Omnis Moriar33409775
The Myrmidon Legion125044427
UGTO Expeditionary Fleet243913
United Armed Corps677882
United Galactic Trade Organisation1930182
We Kick Arse60280115
ICC: 26 Fleets
Angry Mob89512
Confederate Assault Fleet74643
Exathra Alliance Fleet65165122
eXcellent Strategists243335
Faster than Light244377338
Fatal Squadron247303817
Ghosts of the Revolution8983913
Infiltrate, Observe, Neutralize373823
Interstellar Cultural Confederation850002
Interstellar Cultural Confederation United193159237
Nox Gamin30923
Raven Warriors96191332
Sabre Fleet133695
Sundered Weimeriners135152724
Systematic Gaming5492712
Templar Knights172442712
Terra Squadron13421813
The 501st10065010
United Nations Space Command60404511
Xavor Alliance822824
K'Luth: 15 Fleets
Alien Masterful9544697
Anarchy's End7465515
Army Of Darkness379456136
BIOnics Industry Syndicate25157410
Brothers in Arms56632
Evil Empires Inc.41088914
ExtraTerrestrial Space Bums67982713
K'Luth Revolution4513614
K'Luth Tribal Council912163
Pitch Black993871359
Portuguese Space Invaders6860712
Praetorian Wolves235653410
Sanity Assassins144614517
Team Germany9675464
Victory Rush202833
Pirates: 2 Fleets
Cártel Verde de Queso2735816
Rogens Raiders80370912
MI: 1 Fleets
Nexus 1413964772279

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