20:01:38 RedXIII: "Very well."
* EVENT: 'Public Developer Meeting' event is starting now...
20:01:43 RedXIII: "My questions are a bit lengthy."
20:01:59 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "bring it on :)"
20:02:00 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "just got one question =P"
* [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting] cuts in front of smokling & steals his lunch money
20:02:14 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "hmm that was kool i found a bug lol"
20:02:15 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "me first!"
20:03:38 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... hehe... I'll try to answer, lets see how many people come, then we'll know if we need to moderate the room or not.."
20:02:21 RedXIII: "I just hope I wont be interrupted while typing my questions."
20:04:29 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, going to br one more time.."
* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
[Admin]Faustus broadcasts "Public Developer meeting chat room created in the main lobby..."

20:03:41 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "Uno mas por favor!"
20:05:02 [Admin]Faustus: "boy, I had some fun this morning.."
20:03:57 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "no queiro mas"
20:04:03 [~ESF~]Yitram: "lol"
20:04:10 [~ESF~]Yitram: "so did we...trying to connect"
20:04:10 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "Finally kill someone in a 1v1?"
20:05:30 [Admin]Faustus: "besides getting sick this weekend... the servers were down this morning.."
20:04:13 RedXIII: "Enh, least your morning was better than my last night. Wooo."
20:04:17 RedXIII: "LOL Coeus"
* [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting] feels Fs temp Off to bed with you! No time for your little friends now!
* Puddle Jumper ducks under Smokey and hides
20:05:06 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "What'd ya have?"
20:05:25 _x$witchBladex_ {Get Into Beta}: "noticed that"
20:05:52 [Raven]Kitsune: "finally."
20:07:20 [Admin]Faustus: "anyho... lets get started, here are the ground rules..."
20:06:05 [Raven]Kitsune: "found this room from in-game.."
20:06:09 [~ESF~]Yitram: "shh"
20:06:12 RedXIII: "Let me know when I may speak."
20:06:56 Puddle Jumper: "Now Red, you got it all written down?"
20:08:22 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm not going to moderate the room (for now)... if it gets out of control, then I will, and we'll have to give questions to the mods, then have them forward them to me.."
20:07:09 RedXIII: "Nope. Im improvising."
20:07:16 RedXIII: "I prefer this to be improvised."
20:07:24 [~ESF~]Yitram: "gusy let F talk"
20:09:06 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... you might be the only guy who gets muted ;)"
* [CEC]KanaDiEn ^_^ has entered the room...
20:08:01 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: ""guy""
20:08:05 RedXIII: "I apologize, I was just answering a question."
20:09:26 [Admin]Faustus: "hehe... "
20:08:14 [Admin]Nax: "Got it, Mute Red repeatedly"
20:08:33 RedXIII: "I love you too."
* [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting] pokes around for a hidden [Admin]... "OOH! I FOUND ONE! Nevermind, hes just a pale yellow shirt, everybody off..."
20:09:54 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway.... lets try to keep it under control and try not to hammer me with to many questions at once.."
20:08:57 Ospolos: "roger"
20:09:12 [CEC]KanaDiEn ^_^: "wilco"
20:09:28 Puddle Jumper: "Oh Faustus, questions will be the least of your worries. I'd be more worried about the mob beating you into moosh. :-p"
20:09:31 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "I've just got one Q then I'm off, so I'm going first =P"
20:10:53 [Admin]Faustus: "so here is the status of the next release.."
20:11:24 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm down to just a few more items to complete for beta, about 2-3 tasks.."
20:11:49 [Admin]Faustus: "minor things really... "
20:10:46 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "How many more stress tests you figure?"
20:12:13 [Admin]Faustus: "so, hopefully, we'll be shooting for a stress test this weekend, if all goes well, then a release early next week.."
20:12:24 [Admin]Faustus: "now.... what has changed you might ask.. ;)"
20:11:21 Ospolos: "ok Oo"
20:11:49 [Raven]Kitsune: "And also...if I miss the free trial because I'm on vacation, I won't be eligible for a coupon, eh?..."
20:13:11 [Admin]Faustus: "first off, to fix the lag once and for all time... I put in place remote profiling... which basically, allows me to see exactly where our CPU usage is going remotely using a client program..."
20:13:50 [Admin]Faustus: "this is really a DIAGNOSTIC tool .... I'm not saying lag is going to be fixed in this release.. but now we'll be able to actually FIX the lag .."
20:14:05 [Admin]Faustus: "because now we can actually see what is happening on the servers live..."
20:13:08 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "Does it monitor RAM usage as well?"
20:13:15 Puddle Jumper: "F on the lag topic, what is with the Pings lately. I used to have 40-50 ms pings, now it's near 200ms, sitting here now MV shows a 180ms ping."
20:14:38 [Admin]Faustus: "additionally, I built into this tool alarms, etc... so my compter will wake me up in the middle of the night with an alarm when CPU usage goes through the roof.."
[MODERATOR] Maskerade: "please hold the questions until Faustus is done"

20:14:55 [Admin]Faustus: "@coeus... it can... but RAM has never been a problem.."
20:13:52 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "uber"
20:13:56 RedXIII: "(I feel sorry for you Faustus)"
20:15:21 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... it's the internet, I've got 16 ms..."
20:15:32 [Admin]Faustus: "and I'm in dallas, tx... the servers are in Austin, tx.."
20:15:49 [Admin]Faustus: "on that note however, I'm considering moving the servers to dallas perhaps.."
20:14:39 [-GTN-]Pimpalicious Nerd: "Faustus He's mainly asking that because the zone he was in was being lagged by my fighters."
20:15:57 [Admin]Faustus: "in the near future.."
20:16:17 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... LAG as some people call it, is not always LAG..."
20:15:00 [-GTN-]Pimpalicious Nerd: "*chuckles*"
20:16:32 [Admin]Faustus: "sometimes, LAG is in-fact a slow graphics card and bad frame rate.."
20:15:28 Puddle Jumper: "Nerd this is a general lag question. Everyone has been getting more lag lately well other then Jack who thinks it's all in everyone heads."
20:15:47 Puddle Jumper: "my tracert to MV is 24 hops, that could be it too."
20:17:03 [Admin]Faustus: "that kind of LAG has pretty much been fixed... the new rendering code in beta is far far better and optimized..."
20:17:25 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... email me your tracert... rlyle@palestar.com, I will look into it.."
20:16:23 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "no overcoming old crappy comps though"
20:18:19 [Admin]Faustus: "* [J.E.K.O]Hamanami @108407 Sent "am i in the right room?" - sombody help him, he's been messaging me for the last 5-10 minutes.."
20:17:16 [Raven]Kitsune: "I will."
20:17:17 [-GTN-]Pimpalicious Nerd: "ROFL"
20:17:18 [Raven]Kitsune: "lol"
20:17:20 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "lol"
20:17:21 Ospolos: "-.-"
20:17:23 RedXIII: "Thank you Kitsune."
* [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting] shakes his head
20:19:13 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... moving on... "
20:17:56 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "told him how to join"
20:17:58 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "He might be the 2nd one you need to mute, faust... lol"
20:18:09 Puddle Jumper: "It seems to be router issues in Austin now that I look at the tracroutes but anyways email will be sent in a bit"
20:18:12 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "uggys... *shakehead*"
20:19:38 [Admin]Faustus: "taelron has done a KA job on the new content... "
20:19:49 [Admin]Faustus: "and re-balance of the ships, weapons, and everything..."
20:19:59 [Admin]Faustus: "thats really what this update is about..."
20:18:47 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "nvrm"
20:19:13 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "don't tell virtu that"
20:20:45 [Admin]Faustus: "so the stress test we have this weekend will be critically important to determine if the game is more fun, worse, etc... I'll shall be playing quite a bit this weekend for sure.."
20:20:56 [Admin]Faustus: "in beta that is.."
20:19:51 [~ESF~]Yitram: "0_o"
20:21:09 [Admin]Faustus: "ok... thats about it... question time.... red you first.."
20:20:00 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "yay company"
20:20:07 RedXIII: "My question deals specifically with this content."
20:20:19 RedXIII: "I have concerns about the Dreadnought class of ships, and possibly the Station class as well."
20:20:29 [MoD]whitefire330: "hey every1"
20:20:38 [MoD]whitefire330: "party?"
20:20:41 [MoD]whitefire330: "lol"
20:20:48 ReZ: "blast it, so did i.. probably the same quetion :("
20:22:06 [Admin]Faustus: "well, ask away, but taelron has been heading up the balance issues.."
20:20:54 ReZ: "s*"
20:21:08 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "where is teal anyways"
20:21:28 RedXIII: "I felt something odd was up when I took a Combat Dreadnought, ICC, against a UGTO Assault Destroyer, both modded. Despite ranges being at approximately 300-600 GUs. The destroyer, by itself, seemed to have enough firepower to punch through my armor and into my hull while my shots were either not hitting, or bearly scratching the armor."
20:22:44 [Admin]Faustus: "I think he had some HD's blow out... I'll give him a ring real quick"
20:21:51 RedXIII: "I have a feeling that Dreadnoughts have been nerfed quite a bit."
20:23:29 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, is this a question or a statement.. ?"
20:22:14 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "for those who don't know, thats faust covering for tael when hes actually napping on F's couch again"
20:22:26 RedXIII: "Even though my comments and questions go much farther than that. I would like a comment on this."
20:23:47 [Admin]Faustus: "cause it sounds like a statement..."
20:24:00 [Admin]Faustus: ":)"
20:22:58 RedXIII: "Well, I told you it was long."
20:23:03 RedXIII: "The question is."
20:23:06 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "and I missed "
20:23:12 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "curse rolling blackouts..."
20:24:28 [Admin]Faustus: "hehe"
20:24:36 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, I'm being patient... keep typing"
20:25:05 [Admin]Faustus: "it's just all the other mongrels in the room.. they might beat you up ;)"
20:24:03 RedXIII: "What will be put in for Dreadnoughts to ensure that they are not Destroyer food in the patch. To be honest I do not think fleet tactics are the answer. Because it is of my opinion that in certain cases a ship's usefulness alone is roughty equal to it's usefulness in a fleet."
* [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting] spanks RedXIII .... "What? Hes not a monkey... is he?"
20:25:59 [Admin]Faustus: "well, combined forces aka fleet tactics have always been a main part of the game and done intentionally.."
20:26:38 [Admin]Faustus: "the stress test this coming weekend... will test if the ICC dread has a use... if not, then it will certainly get tweaked..."
20:26:53 [Admin]Faustus: "my goal... is for each and every ship in the game to have some type of strength... "
20:25:49 RedXIII: "Combined forces or not, I got the feeling that the Dreadnought is not going to be a useful ship. If it is unable to hold its own against a lone destroyer. I feel somethnig is wrong."
20:25:58 RedXIII: "That is my concern."
20:26:02 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "how to u join this room from in game?"
20:27:21 [Admin]Faustus: "and if the ICC dread doesn't, then that is a serious problem... I will make certain I test the ICC dread this weekend for you... ok :)"
20:27:32 [Admin]Faustus: "@peanut... /room join @room_id"
20:26:18 [*MYTH*]Doran: "type /ro jo @roomnumber"
20:26:23 RedXIII: "It is the ICC Combat Dread, btw, Faustus."
20:27:45 [Admin]Faustus: "@peanut.. to get a list of rooms, I think it's /room list"
20:26:33 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "whats the room number =P"
20:26:37 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "wats the id?"
20:26:40 RedXIII: "I think Missiles may share the fairly same problem as well."
20:26:40 [Admin]Nax: "room # is 4394"
20:28:00 [Admin]Faustus: "... /room join @4394"
20:26:47 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "i told him"
20:28:11 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... one thing"
20:27:00 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "u can just do /ro jo"
20:27:04 RedXIII: "Hm?"
20:28:22 [Admin]Faustus: "I really use to like about the old game... missles rocked... "
20:27:22 RedXIII: "Yeah, they are poor now."
20:28:42 [Admin]Faustus: "if you got hit by one, it was bad news... 1 IT missile could take down an entire shield facing..."
20:27:36 Puddle Jumper: "Please say IT's have gottem a boost."
20:29:13 [Admin]Faustus: "however... "
20:27:58 RedXIII: "They seemingly cant hit squat. Even if they do hit now they do not do enough damage. Their ammunition is also way too low to be useful for lengths of time."
20:28:05 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "still makes me twinge when a PD IT wacks me in the tail when I'm taking it royally from an EAD"
20:28:30 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "EAD I can handle, IT = insult to injury"
20:30:02 [Admin]Faustus: "well... one thing I want to get into the game are "critical hits".... "
20:28:57 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "faustus could u fix the inf instead of landing and then give them orders give them the orders before they land and fix that so they keep the orders upon landing on the planet"
20:30:20 [Admin]Faustus: "in other words, a lucky shot, that might do x10 damage.."
20:29:07 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "that could be intersting..."
20:29:17 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "thats been added in ham"
20:29:20 Ospolos: "very interesting"
20:29:29 RedXIII: "My personal opinion is that it might be risky."
20:30:49 [Admin]Faustus: "@haman... added to my TODO"
20:29:33 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "be cool if the chance doubled to the rear"
20:29:43 RedXIII: "I feel Critical hits should be put in yes."
20:29:51 RedXIII: "But it should not be enough to win a bttle by itself."
20:29:53 ReZ: "if i may"
20:29:56 RedXIII: "Turn the tide perhaps. But not win a battle."
20:30:02 Puddle Jumper: "Ok I'm going to spit out somethings. a) put grouping back in the game please and b) get rid of WH's, since stations can jump now WH's are not really needed and they take away the run of defending a system at the gate. *waits to be shot down*"
20:30:15 Puddle Jumper: "run = fun"
20:30:20 RedXIII: "@Puddle Stations can use Jumpdrive in Beta FYI"
20:31:40 [Admin]Faustus: "@haman... actually, was just told thats been fixed in beta... (actually, I thought I had already fixed that)"
20:30:26 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "would make sense trekkie... since you figure something coming in the rear has a chance to go right up the engine exhaust"
20:30:30 [Admin]Nax: "So you're proposing vastly increased damage? Or System Damage or both?"
20:30:41 Puddle Jumper: "Red, I know thats what I mean, no reason for WH's anymore"
* [Admin]Faustus shoots puddle jumper down.. ;)
20:31:02 Ospolos: "off topic: But anyone notice the panel with lots of buttons when u exit a shipyard, then the panel goes a way in the split of a second, what is that panel? It has been bothering me...."
20:31:03 RedXIII: "I have another question, will there be presteige for repairing and damaging armor?"
20:31:17 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "@Faust, gotta go in a minute so I just wanted to ask real quick if you noticed the thread I have in the release forums to change the MV reboot time to something less... peak"
20:32:33 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... grouping is coming back very soon... it's your fleet/clan you've created, that will be your automatic group in-game.."
20:32:43 [Admin]Faustus: "WH's are not going away.."
20:31:27 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "Wondering if that is at all a possibility"
20:31:41 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "yay"
20:31:41 Puddle Jumper: "blah"
20:31:54 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "Ive liked WHs since SG-1"
20:31:55 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "and instead of crashing into a gas giant and dying instantly and give the player a chance to to leave like 1 minute i mean a gas giant is mostly made of gas"
20:33:17 [Admin]Faustus: "@coeus... haven't seen the post, but I agree... I need to change it so it reboots at a set time, instead of every 24 hours.."
20:32:11 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "tons of friction though"
20:32:12 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "lol trekkie... you should play Horizons, they get around using Stargates :)"
20:32:22 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "only ships of dessie and below should be able to survive for a long time"
20:32:23 Puddle Jumper: "I so hate WH's, It's fun defending at the gate like on Babylon 5"
20:32:28 ReZ: "this question has probably been asked already. But the requirements for dreads has been upped a bit in beta, may i ask why? and have the pres req for rank and or badges been changed due to this?"
20:32:28 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "I think a good average time would be around 3am GMT"
20:32:29 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "better than dying"
20:32:33 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "those are wh PJ"
20:32:38 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "because that way its late night for the euros, and mid morning for the US"
20:32:39 RedXIII: "Well, when the chat calms down ill ask another question."
20:32:46 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "and remember the big ships can open WHs without the gate"
20:32:50 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "how mimbari crushed the EA"
20:32:52 ReZ: "well, from what i've noticed anyway."
20:33:00 [MoD]James: "slow down guys"
20:33:10 [S.W]Coeus [Recruiting]: "Just something to consider, I hope you enjoy the flood of questions you're gonna get now :) GL HF Ciao!"
20:33:11 RedXIII: "Thank you James"
20:34:32 [Admin]Faustus: "woaahhhhh.... "
20:33:21 [MoD]James: "np"
20:34:46 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, we might need to mod the room if people don't slow down... "
20:35:04 [Admin]Faustus: "FYI... B5 was the inspiration for a lot of this game... "
20:33:59 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "I know"
20:35:30 [Admin]Faustus: "I was a serious b5 addict.. ;)"
20:34:15 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "I recognized the ICC pretty early on"
20:34:21 Puddle Jumper: "Whoot Whitestars"
20:34:21 RedXIII: "@Faustus Not enough fighters for this to be like B5 ;)"
20:34:29 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "yeah lol"
20:34:50 ReZ: "can i paste my question again lord vader?"
20:36:16 [Admin]Faustus: "alrighty... rez, you next.."
20:35:10 ReZ: "Lord Vader, this question has probably been asked already. But the requirements for dreads has been upped a bit in beta, may i ask why? and have the pres req for rank and or badges been changed due to this?"
20:35:14 ReZ: "rofl"
20:36:43 [Admin]Faustus: "@rez... they were changed to spread out the ships accross the ranks better... "
20:35:47 ReZ: "ah, rgr that."
20:35:49 Puddle Jumper: "What are the needs for a dread now anyways."
20:35:55 RedXIII: "I have another quesiton."
20:36:04 ReZ: "fear puddle.. fear."
20:36:08 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "me too"
20:36:11 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "mines a small one though"
20:36:15 Puddle Jumper: "Oh"
20:36:22 Puddle Jumper: "I ment what do you need to take a dread out"
20:36:22 Ospolos: "hot, incinerating cannons"
20:37:47 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... don't know right off hand, join beta to find out or ask taelron... he did it... blame him ;)"
20:36:37 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "1RA at least"
20:36:46 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "with a couple of badges"
20:36:53 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "lowest ships are MD and the light UGTO carrier"
20:36:58 RedXIII: "In Beta its Vice Admiral and above."
20:36:59 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "Kluth dont really have a dread till VA"
20:37:04 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "f it should be wise to change the crash settings to not crash into gas giants and then just dying instantly to just make it so the friction damages the ship gas giants have gas in their name because they r mostly made of gas"
20:37:14 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "hmm thought the MD was a 1RA"
20:37:26 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "will 1ra's be able to get dreads?"
20:37:26 RedXIII: "I could be worng"
20:37:32 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "cruisers?"
20:37:35 Puddle Jumper: "Any changes in the Follow/Ghost system?"
20:37:45 RedXIII: "People people!"
20:37:48 RedXIII: "Too many questions!"
20:38:02 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "and as u go deeper in the friction becomes more intense doing more damage"
20:39:24 [Admin]Faustus: "@haman... I'm considering some changes to the entire planet collision system... "
20:38:11 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "Ill tell you in whispers peanut"
20:38:20 [~ESF~]Peanut[1sT.Ra]: "kk"
20:38:23 Ospolos: "i can see it now, a whole fleet hiding in a has giant waiting to pounce someone"
20:39:47 [Admin]Faustus: "trying to weight it against, whats going to happen in the future ... DS2... DSA... etc.."
20:38:35 ReZ: "have the pres req for rank and or badges been changed due to this though F? from my first question ;)"
20:38:41 RedXIII: "I will wait until I am able to ask my question."
20:40:03 [Admin]Faustus: "eventually, this game is going to go fully 3D.... "
20:38:53 Puddle Jumper: "hhehe I think the ships should bounce off the shields, get alot of damage but still bounce off the shields :-p"
20:40:12 [Admin]Faustus: "most likely... ;)"
20:40:26 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... ask you Q.."
20:39:21 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: ".se cl im back"
20:39:24 [[CS]]CharAznable: "woot joy stick!"
20:39:24 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "and if they rech the exact center or a certain place that they die becomes of something really hard hits them"
20:39:29 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "hope I dont miss this one..."
20:39:30 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "srry"
20:39:46 RedXIII: "What is the purpose of Command Dreads/Carriers? They are not exactly feared ships. They are more liked armed bombers who will get a command interface somewhere down the line."
20:39:53 Puddle Jumper: "Man I got a 16 button joystick I wish I could use."
20:40:02 RedXIII: "I would expect them to be heavily-armed flagships of the fleet at Fleet Admiral Rank."
20:40:08 RedXIII: "Not... armed bombers."
20:40:10 Ospolos: "i wantto add to that red, where did there builds go?"
20:41:31 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... they are the only dreads with build devices... thats why their called command dreads.."
20:41:45 [Admin]Faustus: "more use in scenerio that in MV.."
20:40:31 RedXIII: "They lost their build devices."
20:41:54 [Admin]Faustus: "LOL"
20:41:57 [Admin]Faustus: "they did... here"
20:40:45 RedXIII: "No build, no reload. Just a few guns and some bombs."
20:40:48 Ospolos: "seriously."
20:42:03 [Admin]Faustus: "hehe"
20:41:16 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: "wait faust if build and reload arent interchangeable why not give the CC and CD the build back?"
20:42:34 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, well... that was their original purpose.. need to talk with taelron about their new purpose.."
20:41:21 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: "yea its 1 of my fav ships with reloads "
20:41:37 RedXIII: "Just that... being armed bombers or even a fancy Engineer."
20:41:39 RedXIII: "Just doesnt fit with me."
20:41:44 RedXIII: "Id like them to have some purpose in combat."
20:41:48 Ospolos: "they should just be a defensive engineer ship."
20:42:11 Ospolos: "or more engineer options."
20:42:13 [[CS]]CharAznable: "how about a Device that makes the F2 Screen easier to use ;)"
20:42:22 RedXIII: "Possibly a flagship-type ship... heavily armed and armored against all types of targets.... Yet id expect such a flagship target to be everybody's prime target."
20:42:49 RedXIII: "'OMFG COMMAND DREAD!!!!' *Space space space space space space space!*"
20:42:57 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Late again! I rock"
20:43:05 [~ESF~]Smokey[Anti-Flux]: ":)"
20:43:15 [Admin]Nax: "CD's were always weak in the game because of how vulnerable they were -- Dreadnought jump_drive recharge times, but with cruiser or weaker weaponry"
20:43:15 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Ret.}: ":)"
20:44:43 [Admin]Faustus: "@trekkie... get with taelron... he's the one that changes them."
20:43:29 RedXIII: "Exactly Nax."
20:44:59 [Admin]Faustus: "hang... sending an email real quick"
20:43:43 RedXIII: "im not Trekkie"
20:43:58 Ospolos: "oki.."
20:45:14 ReZ: "well, for ugto one can assume their flagship is the EAD. For ICC i'm not so sure.. and for Kluth it would be the Ganglia/siphon"
20:45:28 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "for the ICC its the stealth scout"
20:45:31 [Raven]Kitsune: "flagships should be the command dreads"
20:45:35 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "wait flagship..."
20:46:50 [Admin]Faustus: "alrighty.... "
20:45:40 RedXIII: "Actually I was thinking of changing that ReZ"
20:45:46 RedXIII: "Flagships should be the Command Dreads"
20:47:06 [Admin]Faustus: "lets try to re-focus again folks..."
20:45:52 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "for the ICC its the bomber dread"
20:46:00 RedXIII: "Agreed."
20:47:38 [Admin]Faustus: "lets move on to another question.."
20:47:50 [Admin]Faustus: "the above discussions we could have in another room.."
20:46:39 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "could we have platinum badges eventually?"
20:46:51 [Raven]Kitsune: "lol"
20:46:56 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "wait what is privateer badge for ???"
* [-GTN-]Bobamelius rolls eyes at Trekkie
20:47:04 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Ship captures"
20:48:25 [Admin]Faustus: "@trekkie.. thats such a low-priority on this massive TODO list I have here.."
20:47:07 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "or some other pretty color of coolness thats above gold"
20:47:10 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "o0 sweet"
20:47:20 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "yeah I know Im just curious"
20:48:44 [Admin]Faustus: "Id rather get platforms in first.."
20:47:31 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "ahh forget I asked"
20:47:38 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "yesh platforms"
20:47:41 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "yeah me too"
20:47:51 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "how will platforms be made?"
20:47:56 RedXIII: "Charz has a question and concern he would like for me to ask."
20:47:59 [FS]Fatal Fwdblackhawk: "hmm faustus wat purpose is there for more types of stations ??"
20:49:20 [Admin]Faustus: " [MODTALK] [-GTN-]Bobamelius @56098 Sent "Have we already talked about the new server, and how the coding for it is progressing?""
20:48:01 Puddle Jumper: "Ah ok a 2 piece question 1) Could there be a way to keep the shields of other ships always visible without clicking on them. And 2) on the main screen sometype of display so you can see a status of all the ships on the team. I'm just looking for a better overall view without needing to F2 back and forth to see who has what damage."
20:49:46 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb... still porting the engine over to GNU, it's going well, was working on it alot lately... "
20:50:40 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb... would say I'm 50% there... lots of compiler differences between VC and GNU... which is slowing things down... plus the fact, I've never written a massive UNIX program before... so it's a learning process."
20:49:52 Dark Spacer: "I got a good idea for planets: Don't allow more than 4 defense/fighter bases, cause then if it gets captured and youj have like, 30 or 20 fighter bases, then your gonna die."
20:51:18 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle.... I think you can hit the / key to toggle shield/armor displays... "
20:50:14 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "how long until we get to test the armor codec on fighters and the leveling system?"
20:50:19 [*MYTH*]Doran: "@dark, all the more reason to defend it"
20:50:20 Puddle Jumper: "It only toggles your own"
20:50:23 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "f couldnt create a new way of moding ships like in the the ship selection with all the items but it costs 10x the cost except you could completely mod a ships systems into a set design like a defense ship with very few weapons or an attack ship with a few armor for kluth and ugto and shields or armor for icc but lost of weapons"
20:50:26 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "out of curiousity?"
20:50:26 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I think Puddle is talking about a display on the main screen that shows the status of nearby ships"
20:50:29 Puddle Jumper: "you need to click on the other ships to see there shields"
20:51:54 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... when we get auto-grouping back in, the group display in the upper right will show you that information.."
20:50:40 Puddle Jumper: "Bob"
20:50:42 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "i mean could you"
20:51:11 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "I would never what it like that... 10x the price..."
20:51:18 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "have you seen the new prices of components in beta"
20:51:57 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Oh, Puddle, you mean like having armor rings around non-selected ships?"
20:53:18 [Admin]Faustus: "@haman... did you know, when this game originally came out, all the ship configurations were static... you couldn't mod anything... and guess what, the game was BALANCED.... now look at the huge can of worms we're always dealing with because of ship moding... I think your idea may make things even worse.. ;)"
20:52:11 Puddle Jumper: "Bob yes"
20:52:16 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "I dont think thats the / key it might be in options puddle"
20:52:33 Woob {Absolut}: "Faustus.... the modding of equipment.. least last time i was in beta, was a pain... can't tell what tech you are replacing .. is that being changed?"
20:53:56 [Admin]Faustus: "@haman... now perhaps, letting you mod something before spawning the ship.. that would be doable... "
20:52:59 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "so you can see the level in the cargo bay? "
20:54:20 [Admin]Faustus: "@woob... the tech level is displayed when you right click on a device.."
20:53:10 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "well at least until you purge the bugs then we could think about that"
20:53:10 [Admin]Nax: "Yes - Woob has a great point. When swapping equipment, it's very hard to tell which piece precisely you are swapping. You can't see the level of the equipment being removed"
20:54:35 [Admin]Faustus: "@trekkie... you can't... putting that on my TODO list.."
20:53:24 [~ESF~]Yitram: "that is fixed now"
20:53:28 [~ESF~]Yitram: "i thought"
20:53:29 [Admin]Nax: "He's talking about the equipment already installed that is about to be replaced"
20:53:34 Woob {Absolut}: "you try to guess to mod multiple armours"
20:53:46 Woob {Absolut}: "and other equipment"
20:53:48 Puddle Jumper: "yeah that is annoying"
20:53:49 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "actually yes u can"
20:53:50 [~ESF~]Yitram: "ah nm"
20:53:52 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "It's be as simple as having the display say "Replace Particle Cannon (Level 0) with Railgun (Level 4) or something"
20:55:11 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, it's on my TODO list ..."
20:53:57 [~ESF~]Yitram: "i was thinking of omething different"
20:54:03 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "you get used to it after a while but yeah that is annoying"
20:54:04 Puddle Jumper: "Bob yes"
20:55:23 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb... exactly, will get that done.."
20:54:08 [Admin]Nax: "Thanks :)"
20:54:24 RedXIII: "Faustus, heres an idea about the level system. Rather than assign level limits to hulls, do you think it is possible to assign level limits to slots? Such as having a slot with a maximum of lvl 8, and the rest with maximums of level 4. This would make Balancing with levels far easier to do."
20:54:28 [MoD]James: "that caused me so much trouble"
20:54:38 Puddle Jumper: "that is one of the things about beta that really angered me"
20:55:11 Puddle Jumper: "Ohhh"
20:55:15 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "that would be intersting for smaller ships"
20:55:17 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "red that is STUPID"
20:55:18 Puddle Jumper: "F did you fix the distress system?"
20:56:33 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... we might could do that.."
20:55:21 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "add more specilazation to the classes"
20:55:24 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "no it isnt haman"
20:56:50 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... I'll bring it up to taelron.."
20:55:38 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "the ICC assault frigate would be the only ship with a lvl 4 cannon"
20:55:46 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "only frigate hull*"
20:55:54 RedXIII: "I am thinking this might also fix the Destroyers killing Dreadnoughts bug."
20:57:13 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... didn' t know it was broken even.."
20:55:57 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Ham, let's have some consctructive criticism here, not "That's stupid!!""
20:55:57 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "adds specialization"
20:55:58 RedXIII: "That is why I suggested it."
20:56:09 Ospolos: "-.-"
20:57:27 [Admin]Faustus: "@puddle... whats wrong with the distress system?"
20:56:14 Puddle Jumper: "F yep it is"
20:56:18 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "lol oh yeah"
20:56:19 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Yes Faustus, when someone sends a distress no one sees it, except the person who sent it"
20:56:22 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "forgot about that"
20:56:26 Puddle Jumper: "Distress Signals are not broadcast to the other players"
20:56:27 Ospolos: "dont reports reach you too?"
20:56:28 [Admin]Mithrandir: "Red, we kind of have a suggestion for that - its not exactly a hull-based issue, but slots within each hull."
20:56:35 [Admin]Mithrandir: "That's what Tael proposed a few days ago for limits, anyway."
20:56:35 Puddle Jumper: "you see your own signals but no one else does"
20:56:48 [*MYTH*]Doran: "faust, distress has been broken for a while"
20:58:07 [Admin]Faustus: "why don't I have mantis bug reports for this stuff..."
20:56:49 RedXIII: "Well I think its a good idea"
20:56:50 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "it is not a good idea when a person's already modded ship exceeds the limit already"
20:56:59 RedXIII: "and might not make Dreadnoughts suck as much as they do in Beta right now."
20:57:03 [MoD]James: "a long while"
20:57:08 Puddle Jumper: "F because no one listens to us"
20:57:09 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Faust do you think we could add shield resilience like reactive 30% resilient and active 50% to all but emp which would have a hefty negative resilieance"
20:57:12 Puddle Jumper: "I've posted about it"
20:57:12 [*MYTH*]Doran: "and as is, you dont even see your own distresses on icc"
20:57:27 [Admin]Mithrandir: "Yes Red, your extensive library of complaints against Dreads has been noted. Thanks."
20:58:48 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, who wants to volenteer for access to the mantis bug reporting tool... ?"
20:57:42 RedXIII: "Thank you Mithrandir."
20:57:43 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "ooo"
20:57:44 RedXIII: "At least I have been heard."
20:57:58 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "lol thats an acknowledgement lol"
20:58:02 Ospolos: "mantis eh"
20:58:03 Puddle Jumper: "Oh Oh me me, then Jack can't say I don't do anything"
20:58:03 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I'm sure Drafell would be happy to have that, F"
20:58:06 Puddle Jumper: ":-p"
20:59:24 [Admin]Faustus: "your job will be to find bugs in-game or posted to the forums... and put them in mantis for me..."
20:58:19 RedXIII: "Ill right."
20:58:20 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "sounds fun"
20:58:21 RedXIII: "I can do that Faustus"
20:58:25 RedXIII: "I will volunteer"
20:58:25 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I wouldn't mind either"
20:58:26 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "what is that?"
20:59:48 [Admin]Faustus: "if you do... then email me at rlyle@palestar.com"
20:58:34 RedXIII: "Becides I need to make myself useful anyway"
20:58:35 [MoD]James: "hmm that sounds good"
20:58:38 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Im on just about everyday in beta"
20:58:40 RedXIII: "Been in the community for 4 years."
20:58:40 [MoD]James: "same here"
20:58:40 [Admin]Mithrandir: "I can do that, Faust, too.."
20:58:44 RedXIII: "I need to make myself useful"
20:58:51 [Admin]Mithrandir: "You can at least give me admin access within it, and then I can add people to it - how's that?"
21:00:12 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... @puddle... both of you email me, I'll set you both up tonight.."
20:59:02 [Admin]Mithrandir: "That way you don't have to worry about it."
20:59:11 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "I could do it most likely"
20:59:19 [CEC]KanaDiEn ^_^: "hmm"
21:00:43 [Admin]Faustus: "URL is .. http://www1.palestar.com/mantis/"
20:59:26 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "no only f"
20:59:27 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Um, we need to make sure that the same bug isn't posted 1248951 times"
21:01:17 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb... EACTLY... if your going to have access to mantis, then you must NOT duplicate bugs that are already in the DB.."
21:00:04 Puddle Jumper: "heheh, I have a www1 and a www2 in the server rack next to me"
21:00:08 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "and we can not have newbies reporting bugs because they could lie"
21:00:21 [*MYTH*]Doran: "speaking of mantis.. is the bug reporting utility still fubar or what?"
21:01:53 [Admin]Faustus: "BTW... the username/password in mantis is NOT your DS username... it's a seperate DB"
21:02:10 [Admin]Faustus: "@doran... I'm thinking about re-writing it... "
21:01:00 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "i think only mods and admins should be allowed"
21:01:14 RedXIII: "Faustus"
21:01:18 RedXIII: "What should I put in the email?"
21:01:35 Puddle Jumper: "I wonder if a public bug database would be in order. Let the players enter there bugs and have a group of people to look them over and put them in the official bug system if there are bugs."
21:02:59 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... just say, "This is RedXIII" set me up an account with the password blah.."
21:01:43 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "because if they lie they can always kick themselves"
21:03:21 [Admin]Faustus: "@mith... thought I fixed that for you, if not drop me an email.."
* [Admin]Nax writes down Reds new password (blah)
21:02:18 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "or mod his current account"
21:02:44 [Admin]Mithrandir: "I did, last week. Apparently you missed it"
21:03:05 [Admin]Mithrandir: "or I screwed it up somehow. Didn't actually check my sent folder, for that matter."
21:03:06 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "No I dont want to repair Outlook express..."
21:03:11 RedXIII: "Back"
21:03:13 RedXIII: "I am done."
21:03:17 RedXIII: "Faustus I sent the Email"
21:03:42 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "I hate outlook express..."
21:04:14 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "only useful in the business world... or when frequently used..."
21:04:16 [Admin]Mithrandir: "Use Thunderbird."
21:04:25 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Ive been considering that shig"
21:04:47 Puddle Jumper: "I use both Outlook 2003 and Express"
21:04:54 Puddle Jumper: "Express is my yahoogroups"
21:05:03 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "cool"
21:05:08 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Im happy it works for you"
21:05:29 Puddle Jumper: "but I also use my own webmail system"
21:05:57 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "wait or just have other admins add to the password until the last admin types in the last letter of the acount so that none of the admins could possibly get onto that account to sabotage it"
21:05:59 Puddle Jumper: "and thank god for Imap"
21:06:30 RedXIII: "Okay"
21:07:46 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb... nax is going to deal with it.."
21:06:39 RedXIII: "I think I amd one."
21:06:40 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "k"
21:06:43 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "whos bomb?"
21:06:57 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Me, apparently ;)"
21:06:58 Puddle Jumper: "bomb = bobby"
21:06:58 RedXIII: "Becides im very tierd, and I got work tommorow."
21:08:19 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, change of plans... NAX is going to take care of setting additional mantis accounts, to make sure ALL the bugs get reported ino mantis.."
21:07:11 RedXIII: "Get my email Faust?"
21:08:28 [Admin]Faustus: "you can email him nax@palestar.com"
21:07:17 RedXIII: "Alright"
21:08:40 [Admin]Faustus: "I'll be forwarding any emails concerning mantis to him..."
21:07:31 RedXIII: "Faust I already sent my email to you."
21:07:32 Puddle Jumper: "ack gotta write another email not"
21:07:35 Puddle Jumper: "oh ok"
21:07:47 Ospolos: "roger F"
21:09:04 [Admin]Faustus: "@nax... I'll email you details on your email account in a mind.."
21:09:07 [Admin]Faustus: "@nax... I'll email you details on your email account in a minutes.."
21:09:24 [Admin]Faustus: "@nax... can you login to mantis ok?"
21:08:09 RedXIII: "BTW Faustus, should I report general issues such as outdated website content?"
21:08:13 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Telepathic email, eh?"
21:08:16 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "or get an admin with a short term memory really bad short term memories so that he could not remember the password he put in and doesnt remember it"
21:08:21 [Admin]Nax: "Yes"
21:09:46 [Admin]Faustus: "@mith.... do you have a mantis account?"
21:08:42 [Admin]Mithrandir: "yeah, its 'shigernafy'"
21:09:14 Puddle Jumper: "Anyone here from canada I have a favor to ask of you"
21:09:25 Ospolos: "i live in can"
21:09:29 Ospolos: "what is it?"
21:10:51 [Admin]Faustus: "LOL... thats right, you keep confusing me... you need to get one alias and stick with it... it's shigernafy no more?"
21:09:37 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "maple syrup"
21:09:57 Puddle Jumper: "do a traceroute on metaverse.darkspace.net and see when you hit this point dist-02-so-0-0-0-0.ausu.twtelecom.net if the ping reply goes to hell."
21:09:59 RedXIII: "@Faustus should I use mantis to report general issues as well? Such as outdated website/errenous in-game content as well as in-game bugs?"
21:10:14 [Admin]Mithrandir: "No, just Shigernafy is my mod/play account, Mithrandir is my admin account."
21:10:15 Ospolos: "roger"
21:10:18 [Admin]Mithrandir: "I'm confusing like that.. ;)"
21:10:27 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "what about mount problems?"
21:10:48 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "like the MD had problems with its railguns and a few missles"
21:10:55 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "mith y have two accounts"
21:12:24 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... "
21:12:34 [Admin]Faustus: "lets wrap this meeting up... I gotta get the kid to bed and stuff..."
21:11:19 [*MYTH*]Doran: "@trek, tael says he's fixed the md's missiles"
21:12:41 [Admin]Faustus: "thanks to everyone for coming..."
21:11:29 RedXIII: "uhh Faust"
21:11:37 RedXIII: "Can you answer my question about Mantis?"
21:13:02 [Admin]Faustus: "@red.... yes, red, sorry..."
21:11:45 [*MYTH*]Doran: "havent heard anything about railguns being off.."
* Woob {Absolut} begins applauding [*MYTH*]Doran...
21:12:00 RedXIII: "NP"
21:12:04 Maskerade: "Puddle...I didn't"
21:13:23 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... you can report anything, including bad web-content..."
21:12:14 Ospolos: "puddle: -> 9 dist-01-so-0-0-0-0.ausu.twtelecom.net ( 43.403 ms 56.550 ms 51.572 ms"
21:12:18 ReZ: "i'm surprised noones commented about the flux, since they cry about it 24/7"
21:12:19 RedXIII: "Alright."
21:12:26 Puddle Jumper: "strange"
21:12:32 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Im not"
21:12:34 RedXIII: "cause I see some bad web-content id like to get replaced."
21:12:40 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "I dont feel the flux side of the force"
21:12:47 [J.E.K.O]Hamanami: "what if i had an admin check cheat sites to c if they r bad"
21:12:52 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "wait nevermind I do..."
21:12:59 [Raven]Kitsune: "cheat sites?"
21:13:06 RedXIII: "Im a big storyline person."
21:13:13 RedXIII: "And it kind of annoys me when DS History page uses old storyline."
21:13:17 Puddle Jumper: "Ohhhh"
21:13:19 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "me too"
21:13:20 Puddle Jumper: "I see now"
21:13:23 ReZ: "Anyways, thanks for coming Faust. Believe it or not these meetings do help. Makes me proud to be a DS member"
21:13:25 RedXIII: "It took me five minutes to code a basic replacement ;)"
21:13:26 Puddle Jumper: "I'm getting a different router"
21:13:44 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "get a systamech I think the name is"
21:13:49 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "Symantech"
21:13:57 [[CS]]Trekkie_zero{Death Incarcerated}: "no wait Linksys lol"
21:13:58 RedXIII: "BTW Faustus, can users submit updated web content?"
21:15:23 [Admin]Faustus: "ok.... thats all folks... thanks again for coming.."
21:14:20 ReZ: "thank you :)"